You Should Know THIS About Mexico…

In today’s Puerto Vallarta vlog we learn a few things about Mexico that we should have known since the beginning!

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  1. Hey thanks for the tip on the anti parasite meds! I just woke up this morning with some intense stomach cramps and remembered this video from a couple days ago. You saved me from the process of figuring out what the issue was. It didn't feel like food poisoning or anything like it but it was fairly intense stomach pain without really any other symptoms. Also, I just moved to PV from Honolulu. Maybe I'll run into you two at some point

  2. I think you can get Amoebas and is very hard to detect them.
    Only a good gastroenterologist can find them. You get it in the lettuce/broccli/strawberries but the lettuce is most probable the culprit.
    Makes you sick and it feel like having contractions accompanied with diarrhea and heavy stomach pain. You will lose weight if not treat it. Check side effects on contracting Amoebas.
    Be careful with drinking water and eating lettuce and vegetables not properly washed or with contaminated water.

    Don't drink the water unless you open it yourself from the bottle.

    Avoid lettuce/broccoli…do your research on which veggies contain amoebas.

    It can happen in Mexico, at the airport in Monterrey N.L., don't order chalupas/tostadas and don't eat the lettuce.

    It can happen anywhere in the world.

    My husband used to take his own food when traveling to Egypt. Everybody who traveled there used to come back sick.

    One time I got so sick in Egypt had contractions/pain/diarrhea that a doctor had to come to our villa after eating at a 5 star hotel.

    You never know just have to be careful where and what you eat.

  3. . The ability to purchase meds without a prescription in Mexico has likely given rise to a popular but misguided prophylactic dosing schedule of anti-parasitic drugs. As a physician, I can tell you that this is not a sound practice. There is no single drug that will treat all parasites and the most common infections (amoebiasis and giardiasis) cannot be eradicated with a one-time dose. Can you tell me what drug/dose is being touted in this six month routine prevention ?

  4. That it’s not true or at least my family doesn’t take parasites medication every 6 months or maybe in some parts of Mexico they do it. I only had it ones in my life as child.

  5. Acabo de leer sobre desparasitarse en tuiter de una dra especialista, y les recomiendo mejor pregunten a un medico especialista, porque segun lei no es recomendable tomarlo cada seis meses, aunque asi lo recomienden, lo mejor es que vayan al medico, no tomen cada 6 meses sin antes investigar.

  6. Question: I can't live at the beach b/c of a likelihood of getting skin cancer. 🙁 What city would you most recommend to move to? I am looking at early retirement and me encanta Mexcio. Thanks!

  7. About parasites: a co-worker here in Houston who grew-up in Taxco told me Mexican students are routinely given anti-parasite pills. Its a very common problem there. (I take two Pepto pills every day when I am in CDMX, or anywhere in Mexico. I also avoid tap water, street food, ice cubes, salads, raw vegetables, etc. The risks of getting sick are just too great and, as you know, there is way too much to see and explore without spending unnecessary time in el bano.)

  8. Hey Kennons I am really hoping to get back to PV this fall can you pleae post the address of Taquira los Gueros???? some of the best tacos ive ever had and cant imagine going to PV without stopping by

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