Would You Try Mexico's Craziest Pineapple? 🇲🇽

Mexico is known for some of the best food in the world and a lot of unique and spicy foods. Today on the beaches of Mazatlan in Sinaloa I found the craziest pineapple I have ever seen. This is considered a street food in the region and it’s loaded with mango, tajin, and a lot more stuff. There is nothing typical of this Mexican pineapple, hope you guys enjoy this Mexican food vlog.

🎥 Would you eat this Mexican street food?

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  1. No, pues yo no le entró, paisana sucias, a ver si llevan antes su fruta y verdura lavada y ponen el dulce en una superficie limpia, que asco de manipulación.

  2. I would like to have a cup of fruit with just a little bit of the sweet stuff and some tajin, that was too sweet and too much. Juancho stole the show, the Iguanas are so cool there.

  3. Hola Amigos!!!!that Sombrero really suits u…moustache looks good too…now get a black horse and a Colt …..all set for Clint Eastwood movie….

  4. Wow! Nobody does it like Mexico! I’m currently in La Paz and I’m going to look for this tomorrow! I gotta have this…it has all my favorite Mexican snacks In it! And thanks a billion for supporting local businesses. These people work really hard and they do amazing stuff ☺️☺️

  5. 1:18 -> Q: Why do they call them 'Japanese'? A: Because that's their name. lol! …the rewards of watching travel vlogs…..
    Cool nose piercing Sofi…..and that iguana was psychadelic.

  6. Los cacahuates japonés fueron inventados por un inmigrante japonés en México por eso se le llama cacahuates japoneses

  7. I wish I was there eating 🍽 all that delicious food and what an art bless that lady who made that I hoped he tipped her well

  8. You forgot the insides and btw they are called japanese peanuts because a japanese immigrant in mexico invented them. In english they're known as cracker nuts.

  9. Wait till you get to try the sandia loca topped with even more toppings bro, or the pepino loco. Best bet to find it is in ice cream shop, I highly recommend you find a La michocana ice cream shop. Keep up the dope videos brotha, much love from SoCal 🤙

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