Why Mexico City's Geography SUCKS

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  1. Me, a Mexican intelectual, not even having a damn idea for 17 years that the City im living in is LITERALLY sinking, and we have potentially the worst chozen geography to build a City in the whole world until this video 🤯

  2. Well Indonesia capital Jakarta is also sinking and they have announced a plan to move to a whole new capital city on another island

  3. This is the only reason I'd wish time travel to be real… to go back in the past and prevent whoever thought "yeah let's just build the new city here" (in Castilian Spanish, probably).

  4. An obvious small patch is to let the abundant rain water fill up reservoirs that they're obviously going to plan and build around the city.

    Another obvious thing to do is to ban any more building in the marshy areas, and make it easier to build on surrounding, more stable areas, but preferably in other cities. They could also make water prices very inflated inside the city too drive people out to better places to build and live.

    They could also require construction companies to design open land areas per construction to let the water into the ground. But I've already suggested a better way: no new buildings or water use.

    The government of the country could stop paying for pointless maintenance work. But that's unpopular for voters.
    They could use the money to fund construction in other places.

    Still, they've really snookered themselves here!
    It's a terrible city, by all accounts.

  5. Prophecy fulfilled?
    Mexico City is NOT the greatest city in the world!!
    So many reasons.
    But population is one.
    Commute time is another.
    Innovation, pay, crime are some others.

  6. Damn this channel attracts a lot of ignorant/arrogant Americans.
    The fact is the indigenous forces could have very well fought off the superior weaponry of the spanish if their european diseases didn’t wipe out 60% of the population before they came back to conquer. But aside from the almost complete genocide of their peoples. The biggest travesty was the burning of all of their history in the name of religion. Objectively inexcusable. Which lead to the white washing of their history where most ignorant americans think they were an inferior tribe without literature and rich history.

  7. Putting the main city away from border was smart .so location is great away from Guatamala no two cities congested some breathing room and in the middle of the panama a straight line to Cuba and Honduras water borders so not to bad .look at TJ how run down it is because it's on the boarder of a better country money wise .same goes for Buffalo and Toronto buffalo run down and Toronto the money maker .new York city is thriving and nj is doing half to economic incline .two cities to close one going to suck.

  8. Ahhh the European "conquerors" strike again with their disregard for the savages…I mean locals' tried and true methods which were in harmony with the ecology.

  9. The most annoying thing in this video, is by far, that city size are compared to american cities. For non-americans watching this other wise great video, we have no idea about american city sizes, so we really miss out some importen info.

    Great video, tho. But really do think about this compare method in the future

  10. No puedo creer los comentarios de algunos seudomexicanos hablando pestes de la poderosa capital 🤦, como si él resto de países no tuvieran problemas absolutamente todas las ciudades se enfrentan a problemas de diferentes índoles, y ninguna ciudad está excepnta a que ocurra alguna catástrofe natural desde terremotos inundaciones ,tornados y huracanes cosas que están empeorando con el derretimiento de los glaciares polares ,pero bueno así es el malinchismo en México, que lo diga un extranjero no me impresiona desde USA nunca se habla de nada bueno en México, creen que ellos poseen el mejor país del mundo.

  11. I’d really appreciate if you used a different metric for height besides how long you’d fall if you jumped off of the thing. You use it constantly. You think we’re all bungee jumpers like just tell us what else is that tall.

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