Why is this neighborhood in Mérida, Mexico growing like crazy??

We’ve been living in Temozon Norte for the last year and when we first got here, it was pretty empty. This past year we’ve seen it explode, and so we wanted to give you a little neighborhood tour around the area and talk about the pros and cons of living in Temozon Norte, Merida. This area is growing quickly, and it definitely has it’s ups and downs being outside the perefico (or highway that surrounds Merida), but if you’re moving to Merida, you might want to consider living in Temozon Norte!

We’ll be making these shorter, less-edited videos every week now – let us know what you think!

0:00 Intro (New Extra Shot videos!) ☕️
1:10 How Temozon Norte has changed 🤔
1:45 SkyTower is COMING 🏙
3:24 Con #1: You’re farther away from things 🧭
3:43 Con #2: The services
4:26 New development is everywhere
5:19 Con #3: Privada can be isolating
6:54 Pro #1: New homes for less 💸
7:40 Pro #2: Less people / buildings (for now!)
8:02 Pro #3: Close to the 🏖


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  1. Even though you guys wont believe me …the reason Mexico is blowing up is because of the new trade treaty that former Pres Trump signed with Canada n Mexico. The after effects are making Mexico very rich and also investments in Mexico have doubled which means jobs for the mexican people. Yep evil awful orange man bad made Mexico great again! hahahaha! This was the trade off he made in order to have the president of Mexico help us with the border. I know this cause I work in Trade industry and what we are seeing in our office is like wow. For Mexico. Canada has always been fine. So sad that what we have now is massive in flations and countries calling our new president a senile fool. Glad you guys are there cause im sure your aware that over here its getting pretty bad. So much for "the soul of America" you voted for lol…

  2. Just come back from Mexico . The Rivera Maya area is full packed with new arrived expats from USA Canadians and Australians.

  3. Hey guys .

    Loving your videos and can definitely relate being gay, born in Savannah and having lived in La since I was 20. I am semi retired and have been going to Mexico last 6 years trying to see which city I like best to call my second home . I keep going to back to Playa Del Carmen but will be going to Puerto Escondido Mazunte and Zipolite this year as well. Queretaro is def on my bucket list. Pv was too party American , Monterey too commercial, Mexico city I like along with Guadalahara but like beach , need to visit Oaxaca, Cancun was rip off the tourist , not walkable and definitely a no.. Still need to go to Puerto Muerlos . Holbox Island u really need to bring partner , I think I need to give a second try.

    I def don’t like the humidity so that’s why I usually leave in March or April and head back to Los Angeles. It’s hard for me because the food in the United States does not agree with me with all the preservatives and GMO‘s. Also the politics and.superficiality as well.At the same time the humidity does not agree with me in Mexico lol so what I’m finding as I may just travel around 2 to 3 places. If I can buy studios that are cheap enough I can do that or just choose my favorite Airbnb but I move to have all my stuff.

    I love how Mexico is closer to South America to visit and explore which has the same beautiful and kind Latin culture and people . I’m sorry but Americans can be so dry and boring lol. I like how Latins live every moment !

    I’ll be watching and if u run across a cool place to stay in Merida that allows my small 7 lbs dog Rico who goes with me everywhere send me a pm. I have been there once but not sure where is best area to stay . I just like to chill cook and enjoy a nice private place that’s clean and is in waking area but its hard to get a feel on Airbnb .

    Keep staying genuine and kind , it really exudes through your videos ! You can really tell your enjoying life’s blessing. Your also lucky to find a partner you don’t want to kill lol.

  4. Well yes… that is part of the reason most houses in México are built with brick and cement, also because those resources are more available and inexpensive as opposed to timber or other construction woods which are not as abundant in México as they are in the US or Canada.

  5. Don’t look! Don’t look! How is something that tall and with that amount of reflective exterior not going to blind you from the Merida sun? 😵

  6. Hi Travis & David :We are the couple in the red Kia that said hello to Travis the other day at the Lavanderia. We live at the S-18 Privada in Unit 10. We have been following you guys since we were in the US. Feel free to stop by anytime you are walking by. Just dial 0010# and we will let you in. We will love to meet you guys personally and thank you for mentioning us during this video. Hector & Mari

  7. They’re build squared to use less construction materials, personal design implies more construction time and materials. As you said it’s concrete, giving design means more engineering.

  8. You’re lucky AMLO (Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador) the actual president its changing the country, if another corrupt president had won the place you’re staying at might still be dirt roads, and no new buildings. Luckily the new President it’s helping everyone, including expats that nationalized Mexican.

  9. When my boyfriend and I were there in January we found this area and went to the mall we really liked what we saw and that would have definitely lived there had we not chosen Querétaro.. we would have been neighbors..thanks for the video great to see how it’s developing another great video

  10. Honestly Guys, the lack of flora and fauna in those neighborhoods is kind of depressing. I've visited people there and yes, everything you need in terms of service is there, but…..I kinda like knowing and interacting with my neighbors. It makes me feel like I'm part of the community. I should note that I'm not in Merida, but rather in one of the villages not far away. I think I'll stay where I am 😀

  11. Cement is cheaper in Mexico because the country is one of the biggest producer and exporter in the world of that material

  12. Great video of how your neighborhood has changed in such a short time. One of the other things about building with brick and concrete in the tropics is…no termites!! Termites present a huge problem in the tropics and if houses were built with would, they wouldn’t last long.
    Yay!!! More videos from Cafe Con Leche!!

  13. Great content! When I lived in Okinawa everything was made of cement to counteract the typhoons that would hit the island. It may be along the same thought also since you’re even closer to the beach and the hurricanes.

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