Why a Designer Turned the U.S.-Mexico Border Into an Art Installation | The New Yorker

With shared economic, environmental, and humanitarian concerns, communities of local planners, designers, and citizens work toward cross-border collaboration. Ronald Rael, an architecture professor, takes an opportunity to use art to prove the uselessness of building borders.

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Why a Designer Turned the U.S.-Mexico Border Into an Art Installation | The New Yorker


  1. Veteranos de los Estados Unidos , deportados?? Wtf 🤦🏽‍♀️ eso es el sueño americano.. puras mentiras.

  2. U was born in mexico love ur country try to make it better like all the others countries do….whye flee and leave it doesnt make since all other countries do it mexico can to its stoopid people wanna flee and not try to change it

  3. The wall is here for a reason of you look at it do you not understand it meens dont cross just like a tresspassing sign and more are u dumb

  4. Personal drones will change everything. People will not be deterred by a 30 foot wall when they can fly over to the other side with ease.

  5. Why do you all make these comments? When their is a lack of within our communities. That’s why they come seeking asylum without paying to get in.

  6. This man is more American than us based on the fact his family all those years ago chose to become Americans when we took Colorado and all that land

  7. And I don't know how he can say this is one community I call BS on that this is America and that is the assholes of the World Mexico

  8. Hola, que tal si les compartimos algo de comer y juguetes para los ninos, me gustaria hacerlo, quien me acompaña?

  9. We lived here before white people, we are indigenous to this continent and their border crossed us😔wish my Mexican brothers and sister didn’t have to live such a different life, grateful my grandparents were able to make it to the US

  10. Wbo Mexico pays their population at a lest 10 dollars hourly instead of 35cents stop victimizing and hold that government accountable foto ya dejen de victimizarce y presionen su govierno and why the land was lost due to corruption in Mexico do some reading 📚

  11. The crazy thing is that the companies contracted to build the wall have already been paid, so weather or not the government decides to build it someone has already profited.

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