What’s Going On at the U.S.-Mexico Border? | The Daily Show

Thousands of Haitian immigrants came to the Texas-Mexico border because they thought the border was open. Here’s what’s happening on the ground, how misinformation got us here and the messed-up way the Biden administration is handling it. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah

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  1. Migration is Migration and it happens naturally for survival and so all humans can raise their family unencumbered. It’s sad to see human life politicized. Just say’n…

  2. The full quote was actually cut-off by your partner CBS News.

    The full-quote is..:

    “Hey..! You use your women?!! That's why your country is <bleep>. Because you use your women with this!”

  3. Trevor is missing the point! Biden kept Trump’s policy in place to being able to deport people. The horses are just a welcoming distraction from the real issue. Democrats are just as racist and nobody deported more people than Obama. Let’s talk truth!

  4. Displaying better humanity at the border is quite difficult. While we may have a democratic administration, the border is directly overseen by the Texas State government. So…conservative republican based policy is running the show. There's definitely room for improvement because instead of having Texas state troopers police the border we could have the national guard which may not be as polarized in handling illegal migration… or we could just have more black police to handle direct communication… Just a thought.

  5. Let’s not forget the daily show in there Comedian’s right Comedy Central you know where they all stand right there definitely all chosen selected you know for a reason until they finally understand that being used to proliferate and to continue talking about divisions that’s all Comedy Central is about that’s why they Chapelle left and that’s why these other people come in Just like this to write the speaker and what is his job everybody asked what does he do? His job is to try to make jokes or a comedy about anything that opposes the Democrat shadow operators who also tell and direct these producers how and what to say and there’s just a roll of tools like him coming into Saan Comedy Central Wiches really this is not a comedy it’s just a bunch of useless gibberish

  6. What does it matter what the border patrol agent said to the migrant. It was the truth and maybe he would've had his feeling spared had he, you know, not been attempting to enter another country illegally. The thing thats wrong with many Democrats and Republicans is they just agree to their parties argument blindly. Lets stop acting like this is an issue that can be solved with compassion.

  7. Discrimination it’s not against the poor, the color, etc, in our own homes we see that, privileged with one kid more than the other, between coworkers, it is in our hearts, it is the selfishness, the interior of our own miseries

  8. Honestly I think blaming others, been a victim and getting back in time do not resolve anything. Of course, I seen rich people from any background abusing authority with their own employees, same color, same background

  9. Don’t play the racist card, shame on you, I am pretty sure you have friends from different backgrounds, you are famous because the opportunity this country full of diversity gives opportunity

  10. Where did the “migrants bring whipped” story go. Almost as if it never happened…

    Guess which country accepts the most immigrants on an annual basis … you guessed it, the systemically racist and fundamentally irredeemable United States …. BY FAR

  11. Well this is what you've been clamoring for the whole time Trump was President you just couldn't wait to get Biden enjoy him while you have him problem with the deportation flights they happen to be flying directly into the United States and dropping off in places at midnight

  12. The answer to the border wall is to DEFY Biden. Get Abbott to seek volunteer construction workers (from all over the country!) and also have Maj Gen Tracy Norris bring in her Texas Guard to help (construction and security). And then CONTINUE construction on the ‘wall’ (do not build another wall…) but challenge Biden's authority to STOP the construction on the existing wall. What could Biden do to stop Abbott and volunteers and Guard? If Biden tries to exercise Title 10 on General Norris… suggest she disregard and or tell Biden she intends to defend Texas and its citizens. She will NOT get in trouble IF Abbott supports her…the rest of the Nation would be up in arms in protest if they tried to get her in trouble…Be sure the MEDIA is present for all this. ALSO, to be really effective with the wall… on the south side of it…lay out strings of razor wire… miles of it about 12 feet wide and two string high…weight it down every 100 feet with a drop of a couple buckets of concrete…from a helicopter. This will stop the coyotes (cartel operatives) from pulling the wire aside. I’m 23 years USAF construction… CONTINUE WITH THE WALL (the former president began—looks like Youtube will not let me use that Name!)

  13. Can you picture border patrol on horses whipping white European migrants if they were seeking asylum? 🤔 that would never happen. Seems like they only treat the brown migrants this way

  14. Nobody is asking the people who live on the boarder as how much chaos and disorder and the trash all this brings. I don't see African Americans handing out food or any kind of help, how would you like this in your back yard?

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