What Does $20 Get You in Mexico City?

Today we will be running around Mexico City to show you exactly what $20 USD can get in this massive city! Mexico City can be done on all kinds of budgets, but in this video we will show you how to take your $20 the extra mile, as we eat plenty of street food, buy souvenirs, and also tip some street performers! Mexico City is a place that has quickly stolen my heart and I will definitely be back in the near future for a lot more exploring!

Video Timeline:
0:00 – What does $20 get you in Mexico City?
0:45 – Breakfast at La Fonda de Mariposas
2:43 – Shoe Cleaning
3:20 – Street Barber
3:51 – Public Transport to City Center
5:00 – Torta Robles
7:08 – Tipping street performers
8:59 – Cafe Profirios
10:50 – Visit to Oxxo
11:20 – Souvenir shopping in Zocalo
14:15 – Blend Home Burgers

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  1. I enjoyed all the views and tastes you had here. Nice video, hope to see this one day in person:) nice job guys👊🏾👏🏾😎

  2. Chris how do you do it? Walking around with a camera and stuff. My fam is from DF and they’re always scaring me when it comes to walking around with a camera and phone 🙁 any tips?

  3. Mexico City looks like the spot! I'd love to check that place out… oh and I've missed that outro bro haha

  4. Bro you’re making me want to go back to Mexico ASAP! Beard came out sharp, homegirl did a good job for $2

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