Visiting Mexico and retiring in Mexico

Retiring in Mexico. Mike talks about his many visits to Mexico, his future plans and why he loves Mexico.


  1. Great info 👍 what cities/towns in Mexico are worth looking into for families with children (5 and 14)? Also, we can give up jobs since we earn a income online ($3,000 a month) is that enough for the 4 of us?

  2. Marc please send me tile store address again. I can't find it in comments. I really appreciate it

  3. I was out in Sacramento for a summer to hang out with a friend many, many years ago. I decided then that California wasn't for me. Thanks for posting …more good info !

  4. Hola again you 2. Very nice relaxing interview with this man. Very nice personality also he has. So nice to also see someone that just want to visit Mexico and not try to right away move there. He may never move there like so many do, he may just keep visiting like he has as he says for many years. Sounds like he is set meaning that he has a good life back in CA so no need for him to move fulltime like so many do and thats so charming with him that he has that life. He gets to enjoy both 2 lifes now the way he lives and that's very charming. Nothing wrong with living in the US if you have a good life there and can afford to live there. Ok, you all look good it's a blessings to have it good in life because so many don't and if you do have it good and know it more power to them who has that. Hopefully the world will heal from so many evil things that goes on now bless us all Lord.

  5. Good video. It's interesting to hear the impressions of other travelers, expats or even the Mexican locals of the country of Mexico. Keep up the good work 😃

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