Violence between 'fans' in Mexico has left 26 injured, 3 of whom critically, the league is suspended

The Liga MX has been suspended after violence broke out during a match between Queretaro and Atlas on Saturday. According to the latest estimates, 26 have been injured, with 3 of them in a serious condition. An altercation, of a completely different kind, between Christian Eriken and Brandon Williams also caught the headlines.

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The shameful stats that prove CR7 isn’t the problem at MU, the REAL reason why he was out vs City:


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  1. Football in Mexico is a fucking joke, mexico is the worse fan base towards football 👎
    What a disgrace they are

  2. Why the fuck dont u say the truth that alot of People died that Day doesnt noone have the ballls to say at least 20 People u can see in a footage that they have them laying next to eachother and there all dead

  3. I see humans, but no humanity. What kind of animal do you have to be to see a body and just kick it or attack it once it's already down.

  4. To inform everyone, the real number of deaths are unknwon but more than 17, people were killed by queretaro "fans" with ice breakers, others were killed by punches, kicks and chairs being throw. Most of them were left naked and cover in their own blood on the floor of the hallways of the staduim while they were dying. Its horrible

  5. Where the police or security guard..? Is they don't have any law enforcement there..? what am irony

  6. They should also blame the usage of old stadiums. Old stadiums are not designed to separate home fans from away fans

  7. Honestly was not really surprised this happened since even when there are liga mx games in the US sometimes, there are always fights such as tigres vs America where the fans also stormed in the pitch and fought

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