HEY EVERYONE! We’ve missed you, we hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and happy new year!!❤️


  1. Such a pleasure to have someone who can loves like u are and u can share with him little details

    One day we goona find him somewhere around the world 🍃🍃

  2. Alphonso doing karaoke at the end reminded me of his legendary initiation at Bayern singing Whitney Houston song 👏🏾👏🏾🤣

  3. New subscriber here. Yall make such a cute couple. So glad I found your channel. Come check us out.😀

  4. Try being a world class soccer player and remaining so humble and down to earth
    I know it's almost impossible

  5. Alphonso please make a video about your heart condition we are worried about your health. Dear Lord heal alphonso body in Jesus name .

  6. they made him take 2 shots and a booster just so he can travel and now those same shots gave him myocarditis and are preventing him from playing soccer.

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