UFC Mexico City: Yair Rodriguez Octagon Interview

Hear from Yair Rodriguez inside the Octagon after the disappointing end to the fight.

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  1. At first I was like why does Yair need a translator when he can speak English but then I realized they were infront of a Mexican crowd

  2. Who would want to talk to Bisping of all people after something like this? Bisping is a loudmouth and the worst UFC champion of all time.

  3. He’s just emotional cuz he wanted a good fight and he feel bad cuz he couldn’t beat Jeremy , he’s being honest . The translator did a crappy job by not explaining exactly what he said he shorten it up so, it makes yair sound like a dick. The kid wanted to show he can beat Jeremy

  4. The translation is: "hablo tanta pinch* mierd* el put*" Wich means "that assho*** talked a lot of crap" addressing Jeremy Stephens comments, so it wasn't to bisping, he was upset for all the trash talk in the build up of the fight. There you go, cheers from Mexico.

  5. Es entendible su frustracion, ya que el siguio peleando con un ojo completamnete cerrado de la hinchazon y no se quejo, es por ello su enojo, por otro lado en la revancha, por asi decirlo, gano y muy posiblemente esta primera pelea que tuvo con el, hubiese resultado de igual manera.

  6. Think how Jeremy feels. He’s the one who got his eye poked.

    Bisping handled that well. A lesser man would have hooked Yair with the mic.

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