Thousands of traditional Aztec dancers descend on Mexico City's Zocalo | Fall of Tenochtitlan | WION

With music, dance and rituals a traditional Aztec ceremony was held in Mexico City’s Zocalo square to mark the 696th anniversary of the founding of the lost city of Tenochtitlan, the former Aztec capital that was destroyed by Spanish conquistadors.
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  1. Just for foreigners that don't understand history , this was show from current goverment to deviate people from its incompetence. No all actual Mexico has link with the Aztecs and a lot of other tribes were slaves by the Aztecs and the support the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs since they were sanguinary and imperialist as the Spanish.

  2. This city was said to be the most beautiful and advanced of its time. The Spaniards said that it is larger and more beautiful than the cities of London, Paris or Madrid during that time period.

  3. I was just reading in a historical documentation that they also did human sacrifices to their gods and practiced cannibalism. Archeologists found a gravesite with 60,000 remains. It cited they would open the chest, pull out the beating heart, eat it and then throw the body down the steps to the people below to cannibalize the remains.

  4. Yes please keep dancing and Share tribal dances with other cultures together demonstrate peace and unity to the cosmos🙏

  5. Missed the drums and the excitement of the sound of the dance…. 🙄 In who's mind…. 🙄 🙄 🙄?

  6. Viva Mexico my brothers & sisters. Besides the crime there, it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit. At least on the tropical side haha

  7. Hope the Aztec people will re-establish their religion and culture which was wiped out by the colonial Europeans , time to get out of the shackles of Spain in mind , language , culture and faith. Hope it happens.

  8. Even we smudge with fragrant smoke and sprinkle water and blow the conch!!

    It is so similar to our rituals!!
    I feel so thrilled when I see people praying!!
    The serpent is Takshak? Or Vasuki? Fascinating isn't it?

  9. Many cultures in the world has been destroyed by abharamic religions
    Even the Aztec were force converted to christanity

  10. अगर यूरोप से लुटेरे नही आए होते तो तो इन मूल निवासी की संस्कृति खूब निखरती।
    गोरे जहां गए वहां तबाही मचाई।

  11. Oh my God, this is beautiful. It is heartening to note that cultural revivalism is taking place around the world.
    May the indigenous civilisations shine again.

  12. The world is in a terrible distress , the arrival of the antichrist Is nearby Better cry and pray to the God of all creation .
    Surrender to Christ and celebrate Him not a pagan god.
    Why you believe and celebrate this culture?
    Worship God

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