The Deadliest Cartel in Mexico | The War on Drugs

The Los Zetas Cartel changed the game in the Mexican War on Drugs. From the mid-2000s, they introduced an unprecedented level of violence – paramilitary-style executions, beheadings, bodies hung from bridges.

But this was not simply psychopathic violence. These were special forces soldiers from the Mexican military – who had received specialized training from the US Army – who had defected, and used their training to become the most feared drugs cartel in Central America.

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  1. The cia and mossad are working with the cartels. They supply them. They are the ones behind everything. Just look up Pegasus spyware, used by criminal groups around the world. It's not a surprise.

  2. Los Zetas had like 1 spot in the United states. Sinaloas cartel is like all over every state of the US. I take the US as the hardest to get drugs by as we have the most money to fight it.

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  4. The report its not accurate Miguel Angel trevińo aka Z40 is the brother on the guy you showed on the clip, the guy on the clip Z42 took over after his brother was arrested
    Awesome video i just wanted to point out for accuracy purposes

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