1. People are dumb as a boxer rocks asking for a asylum that’s like asking for a trip to the Moon bottom line worldwide is 20,000 per year asylum visas that by law can be issue and right now most of them are going to the afghans or Venezuelans so for rest of these folks forget it will never happen of the visas you can get from the US asylum is the hardest one and rarely issue

  2. Pls. Pray the rosary to free all countries from war, hunger, diseases, climate change, calamities, drugs, prostitution, abortion, divorce, corruption, vices, violence and all evil.pls pray for peace and joy in all families and home.,..

  3. It’s about time President Biden needs to get off his ass and fucking act like a president and do shit. You’re probably the worst president we’ve ever had stopped asking what you need to do and start doing what you should do.

  4. Este Pinocho habrio la frontera para que entre todo el que quiera el debiera de llevarse lo todo para su casa y mantenerlo el cree que esta asiendo algo bueno y que todo estan contento con su frontera abierta,ahel no le importa el pueblo americano ,el debiera de tener america primero pero no prefiere destruir america que protejerla,con estos actos va a causar un caos con los estados que están en la frontera pero ahel no le importa

  5. BREAKING: 20-45 million Google views, or just click name, for plan to RELOCATE TO
    virus-free-sides of 4-lane highways, (services-restaurants between), Olds/Homeless get
    free food, water, elect, medicines, groceries, clinics.

  6. Why don't these people understand its not much better here than there I know times can be hard but sit down look at all the options first remember still waters run deep like the VP said don't come listen her its for your own good

  7. I guess I have to get accurate news from a source on the other side of world now. Glad to have discovered SNA. I live in Nebraska and my neighbors will be visiting Australia early next year. Had an online business for 16 years and shipped many products to Australia.

  8. This is also happening because Mexico doesn't protect the country & their borders. Not all of us Mexicans support illegal immigration & we want safety for our people. That's why the cartels are also powerful because the government supports them, our politicians have chosen criminals over our people. It's enough!

  9. How Rules of Virus-Recovery-Science, with current PANDEMIC-HOT-AIR-FIGHTS, 'THE PHAF' can RECOVER 90 nations from the virus by (A) Virus Free Camps, VCR, attempting new social life, education, work, shopping, biz, mainly online, (B) Such VCR in ~half-M-islands & Gov-4-Lane-Highway-Sides that curb VIRUS-DIFFUSION-CONTRABAND by
    people moving between nations, provinces, cities. More at our 20-45 M youtube posts, or, in short, below.

    1. Nat'l Case-#, Nat'l Death-#, said-# per-million, harbor no base in science, at best, are just PHAF.
    2. Sole Verified Scientific Index of Nat'l Virus Surge, NVS, is Reported %-Deaths.
    3. %-Deaths are higher than reported because hospitals report not deaths-at-home.
    4. Nations/provinces/cities can and should save many lives under 'PLAN-MIX with PHAF'.


    i. Lowest-Cost MIX? VCR on sides of Gov-4-lane-highways? Services/Clinics/Restaurants in between?
    ii. Olds in such VCR may be Gov-helped by food/water/elect, medicines, groceries, clinics, Internet?
    iii. Residents attempt and should create new social life, education, work, shopping, biz, mainly online?
    iv. Modern-Tech/clean-diet/clean-air guided by 175-180-Y/O Avraham-Ytshack simple diet/life?
    v. VIRUS-DIFFUSION ALLOWED BY TRAVEL between nations/provinces/cities? absent virus contraband?.
    vi. Gradual abandoning towns/cities is very sad, but remains Nat'l-Govs-Responsibility, NGR, or death?
    vii. NGR includes relocating military bases, facilities, hospitals to virus-free, arid, forests, beach areas.
    ix. PHAF includes wash-mouth-nose-eyes-hair & anything into resident imported, top hygiene, lockdown.

    Answer-not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him, [26:4, King Solomon]
    The-most-dangerous-person is the one presenting the truth in a room. [Plato]
    To-know-the-truth-on PHAF? One may not need to hear both sides. [Lester Holt,-voted-best-TV-Anchor]
    [נקמת אשה לא ברא השטן [פלוסי נוקמת טרמפ ומקריבה קרבנות וירוס בגבול ועצירת החלמת ארה׳׳ב .
    Copyrights? Apply to author* & his 13-years old son David F. Galor & family members.
    youtube, Supermaneuverability [Wikipedia, rfrs 1,2]; 12-Editorials by *Int'l-J-Turbo-Jet-Engines*, AIAA,
    AviationWeek, Aerospace-America, ASME v 6th-Generation,-2020-2040–AeroSpace-Combat-reviews.//

  10. British news they need to stay away for this anyway from America and Mexico in Central America but I got to say that everyone right now people that they just don't know that what's going on in well in the border of America and Mexico because there's always a Havoc eruption in Mexico or everywhere on Mexico City or towels or even sometimes that a drug smugglers and drug dealers that are sneaking into the letter to the United States of America and that is the problem everywhere there's always to have a corruption in Mexico at tell over the governor's Mayors and the event that occurs are not doing a very good job they are going to be like Mexico is going to get something worse or something even better of a family of future they don't have life is matter is over to have is there a problem over there that's the problem Mexico and the US tremendous of trouble right there and many people that are they wanted to move out of there into Mexico to start a new life in the US can't anyone just figured out right now because it's already been done this in the past the present and the future I'm saying this in the news in the new Spanish and all different channels right there especially that if someone could tell other the president and vice president that mirrors the governors over there in Mexico that are stop being of a slacker do their job the right way it is and everyone's going to have a better future for every for the people and for the people of Mexico because I have to say this for telling the truth because it's over to have it corruption in Mexico

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