Once Upon a Time in Mexico [Guitar Intro] 1080p HD – La Malaguena (Salerosa) – Antonio Banderas

Don’t forget to 1080p !! Once Upon a Time in Mexico [Spanish Guitar Intro] – La Malaguena (Salerosa) – Mariachi Antonio Banderas. Beautifully shot intro by Robert Rodriguez, starring Antonio Banderas “El Mariachi” playing La Malaguena. This is the highest quality I could manage. Enjoy friends!

THE TIME HAS COME | Female Travel Couple | Van Life Baja Mexico

This moment is bittersweet! The time has come to make some decisions about what’s next, but not before we check off some more things off of our Baja bucket list. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for weekly videos 🙂 Consider becoming a Patron and receiving exclusive content 🙂 Patreon: