Mexico's Craziest Drink 🇲🇽

In Tequila Mexico exist Mexico’s craziest drink. It’s basically two bottles of tequila, a lot of juice and ice to get you as drunk as possible. People come from all over the world and Mexico to try the cantaritos el guero famous drink. Cheers 🎥 The worlds fastest restaurant ✅ My Main Travel Channel ✅… Continue reading Mexico's Craziest Drink 🇲🇽


We were in the town of Tequila and started hiking to a waterfall after taking a taxi out of town. We hiked down a steep mountain and came into an incredible waterfall. We had been in Puerto Vallarta for a few months and traveled around in the bay of Banderas. There were some really cool… Continue reading A WATERFALL ADVENTURE IN TEQUILA, MEXICO