Love and sex – Taboos in Mexico | DW Documentary

In Mexico, macho men still dominate people’s love lives. In the traditional world view of many men, women should defer to men’s will in every respect. But the younger generation is starting to fight back, with success. Law graduate Nancy Ortiz has emancipated herself from tradition and chosen a different path as a single mother.… Continue reading Love and sex – Taboos in Mexico | DW Documentary

Muxes – Mexico's third gender

In Juchitán, Mexico, muxes – children identified as male at birth, but who choose at a young age to be raised as female – are embraced as part of the community. Being muxe is often confused with being transgender, but it is an identity specific to the Oaxaca region and the indigenous Zapoteca culture. Having a… Continue reading Muxes – Mexico's third gender