The Original Caesar Salad in Tijuana, Mexico! 🥬 Table-side Preparation is Amazing!

Did you know the Caesar salad was invented in Tijuana, Mexico!? Here’s how they still make the original version at Hotel Caesars… and it’s absolutely amazing. This could easily be the best salad in the world! #shorts #food #Mexico

Mexico's Craziest Drink 🇲🇽

In Tequila Mexico exist Mexico’s craziest drink. It’s basically two bottles of tequila, a lot of juice and ice to get you as drunk as possible. People come from all over the world and Mexico to try the cantaritos el guero famous drink. Cheers 🎥 The worlds fastest restaurant ✅ My Main Travel Channel ✅… Continue reading Mexico's Craziest Drink 🇲🇽