Storytime: I Had A “Sugar Daddy” In Mexico…

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  1. Delayza i feel you about the hives lol.. im allergic to the cold so whenever my body gets cold i break out in hives. it sucks.

  2. my brother gets hives from being in the cold but ik you live in az so like idrk there could be multiple purposes

  3. Hi delayza NAYLEA have a great Easter weekend remember no matter what always be happy 😌😊🎉🥳💕🥚🥚

  4. My mother left me at a young age and never really got someone to tell me abt all the things you need to know was a young girl but ever since I started watching you I know a lot more abt being a girl.thank you so much girl your like a big sis to me.💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  5. Girl you have me dying of laughter that my brother told me to shut up 😂 me puse en tus zapatos my fiancé is from Mexico and we have been together already for 5 years también con ojitos verdes😍🤪 literalmente your stories are on a whole good vibe level

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