Sicario: Killing cartel hitmen in the US-Mexico border

Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) and his team kill Cartel hitmen at the US/Mexico border. Shocked by those methods, Kate (Emily Blunt) let Matt know.

Credits: © 2015 Lionsgate. Sicario.
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  1. Nothing like a weak sister on a team to just kill the momentum and the aftermath. You just have to coddle them until you all get back to base, then you find a quick way to reassign them.

  2. One thing I don’t understand…is Emily Blunt’s character suppose to be ignorant in this scene? Can she hear the dialogue over the radio? Can she see the cartel members draw weapons?

  3. el suenio yankee vivir hechandose balas y metiendose droga en las narices ………. los cherifs

  4. The problem with television is it so stupid and fake and it's put a stupid conception of everything into human beings minds it's never anything near real it just looks real cool ridiculous

  5. Who's the guy in all black @1:57 who tries to shoot Kate? Nobody notices him and after he's dead they don't mention him at all.

  6. Emily Blunt's character in this movie just infuriates me! As if she were so naive and uninformed to the level of violence that occurs between the cartels and police in Mexico or the US government operating without any regard for international laws.

  7. I love this scene and it’s so well acted and filmed, and fits well into the movie. But I always had a problem with it’s believability. You can’t tell me that they wouldn’t have flown this guy by helicopter, directly from Mexico to the US army base/prison. Also, if they did have to use a land route, it would probably be in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness. Finally, this guy would have probably been found murdered in his prison cell long before they could extradite him. Anyways, it’s a minor point and it wouldn’t have made for a very good scene, if he was simply flown the 10 mins in the middle of the night to Fort Bliss.

  8. a lot of bad guys get killed. let's hear a big round of applause for the killing of bad guys.

  9. 1:20 traslation is wrong. Benício says: compas, compas, which means "buddies, buddies" they thought he said "con paz, con paz" : "in peace, in peace"…

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  11. The chicks always stay out of the fight but demand all the bene's. Fat chick cops, what a joke, for real-world example.

  12. Fake 0/10, not enough obnoxious communication radio blasting or them listening to Narcocoridos music glorifying them.

  13. Good thing it's just a science fiction movie. In real life those DEA's would of been down in a sec.

  14. César Duarte, the governor of that mexican state was angry about this film. Today, he faced extradition and arrived from the U.S. to be judged by mexican authorities under many charges including corruption…

  15. depictions of graphic violence is okay, but thank you guys for bleeping those f**k bombs, that would've really been too much to handle

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