Rocks are falling from the sky! A giant hailstorm hit Mexico! Evacuation in progress

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Crazy hail and heavy rains with gale-force winds and a dust storm hit several municipalities, but the city of Aguascalientes in Mexico was hit hardest on April 27.
This afternoon in the municipalities of Naucalpan, Atisapan de Zaragoza and Aguascalientes, the strongest storm with hail has never been seen in Mexico, as a result of which the streets and roads were flooded with water mixed with hail, the layer of which exceeded 50 centimeters.
Hail covered the streets, cars literally floated on the strongest current of flood waters, gardens and a house, and in areas such as Aguascalientes which are located next to the Madin Dam were completely submerged when 50 centimeters of hail began to melt, but more fell on top of it and the strongest for these places torrential rain.
The flood caused congestion on major roads such as the Rio Grande, Zacatecas areas after a hail storm.
In the municipal district of Atisapan de Zaragoza and the city of Calacoya, water and hail reached the level of as much as 50 centimeters in height.


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