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  1. Excellent job good seidman do you have any of those peeping-tom planes flying around you have a wonderful day God bless you and your family play safe stay healthy👍🙏🇺🇸

  2. Much Love n Gratitude for your Grwat Work Monkey.Seasons greetings n Love respect to all patriots from yr brother in Australia

  3. Thank you very much monkey! Merry Christmas! You are the real news! Forget all the MSM idiots! You are so much better!

  4. Since the beginning of time god has abandoned billions of people…a bigger plan may be in the works..but abandoned none the less.

  5. there is a big mosque
    (Masjid An-Nur Islamic Center)
    on 58 as you go through to Roanoke…
    let's of them through there…
    who knows

  6. hi, yesterday two unmarked military planes flew over my house and rumbled so loud it sounded like a train… they were so low that thought they might touch the tops of the trees from my view. They were on after the other and very close. I live in Massachusetts. Any idea why this was done or what it was about? Thanks and merry Christmas.

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