Reason Why Korean Grandma Wants to Live in Mexico After Knowing ‘The Day of the Dead’

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  1. Del 27 al 29 se le celebra a las ánimas olvidadas o de muerte trágica.
    El 31 a los no nacidos y no bautizados.
    El 1 a los infantes.
    El 2 a todos los difuntos y ancestros.
    Al menos así es para quienes crecieron en hogares muy tradicionales, si no es el caso, 1 y 2 de nov están bien, pero la información del video no es errónea.

  2. not october 31st , day of the dead is celebrated november 1st and 2nd , november 1st that's for remembering the children that left this life, and the 2nd is for everyone else

  3. “Do yo think it’s real? That the ghosts are really doing that?” Well we don’t know for sure but us Mexicans choose to believe that.

  4. In some places of Mexico we start since the day 28th, and it's not a parade like in the capital of the country, we just make our ofrendas and go to the cemeteries, we prepare the traditional candies and eat it together. It depends in which part of Mexico you are. We even have different kind of breads depending of the state.

  5. Another note that flower has a lot of meaning. It was believed that God of Death asked Mother Earth if he could go to the land of the living. She said yes, but he must give something to the land. So when he walked the land, he left that orange flowers… cempazuchitl… or Mexican marigold flower. That’s why they only bloom during that time.

    Also many indigenous tribes in Mexico believed in duality of life and death. You lived, thus you died. You died because you lived. That’s why many celebrate the day of the dead. Not to show their sorrow, but to celebrate that persons life. And show them that they are living well, not to worry about them. Many also celebrated god of death too. Why? So he could be happy and to take care of their loved ones. And then colonization happened and many stopped worshipping of god of death. Cause religion pushed different beliefs. Yet, we only celebrate a piece of ‘’EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS.” Mexican American don’t know their own history and customs which is sad.

  6. Como aborrezco que desde coco todos quieren opinar sobre una TRADICIÓN ancestral de nuestras raíces, cuando sólo saben lo que vieron en la peli y algunos datos. La abuelita coreana es un amor❤

  7. I am Mexican, I liked this video, the grandmother is a very beautiful person, when we lose a loved relative, normally on the day of the funeral we cry and if it was a very close person we can mourn for a long time, there are even people who mourn for months , on the day of the dead the tomb is cleaned, decorated, the deceased's favorite dishes are prepared in their honor, we sing, dance and remember them with alay, so that they know that we are happy and there is nothing to worry about, we also thank God for the time He gave us the deceased. Sorry I don't speak English, I hope google translates it well, I like your videos. por cierto el día de muertos es el 1 y 2 de noviembre

  8. Okay Mexican from Guadalajara, México here, what they say in the video is mostly not true in the way that they are "Mexican Traditions", I'll explain this: the Day Of The Dead celebration has been mostly performed in parts of México with a majority of indigenous population, especially in the state of Michoacán and the state of México (not the country, the state or province) and in some parts of the South-East of México like the state of Oaxaca and the state of Guerrero. Until about 20 years ago it was not a "national" thing in terms of most Mexicans knowing about it, and even less with Mexicans performing the rituals associated with the celebration; I have never in my life seen an "Altar De Muertos" in person, I have seen them on TV, on photos and in the movies, but I don't know a single person who follows those customs and I have never been to a cemetery to witness somebody perform those rituals, yes, I knew about them from school, in the History class, but while growing up in Western México it was something we knew was a traditional ritual in other parts of México.

    But then, two things happened that helped make those traditions internationally known (although in some distorted ways that have nothing to do with the original celebration) two Hollywood movies, the movie COCO and the James Bond 007 movie "Specter", and because some scenes for "Specter" were filmed in México City and the producers of the movie designed a choreography that included American-style school bands, decorated parade floats, (things foreign to México) dancers in costumes and make-up on their faces, and some large puppets resembling the "Catrinas" or characters that are associated with the Day Of The Dead celebrations. Ironically the "Catrinas" Parade in México City never took place before the filming of the movie "Specter", and it became a "Mexican Tradition" invented by foreigners while fiming those scenes for their movie in México City. Yes, Hollywood invented a "Mexican Tradition" for "Chilangos" (México City locals) that didn't exist before 2015, the year they filmed the movie.

  9. As a Mexican, a must say that it is not a "festival", it's a tradition that goes way back from the time when México didn't even have that name. (between 1000-1500 DC)

  10. You should explain to her that the dead comes to the altar at night for dinner, as it is prepared and served at the grave or altar where the whole family joins for praying and stories all 3 nights for all dead, the costume is prehispanic, and dead itself is a stage on the journey, not the end

  11. Just to be clear, I love my country and all the parties we do to celebrate our love ones but “Dia de muertos” it’s only in November 1st and November 2, there’s a lot of stories about these days and are amazing to hear all the versions that exist♥️

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