Once Upon a Time in Mexico [Guitar Intro] 1080p HD – La Malaguena (Salerosa) – Antonio Banderas

Don’t forget to 1080p !!

Once Upon a Time in Mexico [Spanish Guitar Intro] – La Malaguena (Salerosa) – Mariachi Antonio Banderas.

Beautifully shot intro by Robert Rodriguez, starring Antonio Banderas “El Mariachi” playing La Malaguena. This is the highest quality I could manage. Enjoy friends!


  1. A very ugly guitar..but I have not heard many better ✨🌼🌸🌞🌸🌼✨✨🎶🎶🇬🇧🎶🎶✨

  2. This movie should have been a bigger hit with Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Enrique Iglesias…

  3. This is not Mexico haha ​​that yellow filter and ugly streets are only in the movies that happen with usa and its ugly movies

  4. If they try fast the voice difference intty to eco sharp but still different also dificult if u try find what u want

  5. 1 sharp.. 2 litle low 2/3 like same..ckouk ckouk cekouk string more real but what ever u want u like with number who this understand able if can made song like me ithink same pretty

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