Narcos: Mexico | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix

Chaos brings opportunity. The third and final season of Narcos: Mexico premieres November 5th on Netflix.


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Narcos: Mexico | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix

As a new generation of cartel leaders vie for power, journalists hunt for truth while government agents walk a thin line between justice and corruption.


  1. Damn, this a great show! And so beautifully filmed. Those breathtaking sunny shots are getting me through a long cold dark Nordic winter. Top quality entertainment. Love it!

  2. I loved this season except the subplot for the killed factory women was irrelevant to the story. Except for that, the season was as close to perfection as it gets.

  3. This season really sucked… it was so boring. Especially the arrelanos, why did they give them such a big role, they should have focused on El Chapo coming up. His role was bad played, no character at all and only in prison lol. Only parts that were a bit interesting was Amado’s role and the cop who tried to save the girls. But that also wasn’t finished very well. Very bad season compared with season 1 and 2 with Felix

  4. I'm so sad i finished this today 😭they are amazing!! I read there will be no more narcos! I binge watched all 5 seasons non stop. Stories are top notch! I watched season 1 narcos colombia 6 years ago i don't know why i stopped watching new season then 😂 but i glad i finished this wholesome stories. My end of 2021 is bittersweet. Might seems over but that's how i felt. I fall in love with diego luna 😛 love his portrayal. Wagner moura's performance is fantastic too. All casts are amazing! Though season 2 is quite boring for me, but only for acosta-mimi plots. I will miss narco very badly! Please netflix continue with whatever you can. If u can do this annually, 1 season 1 year we will appreciate it a lot! So long diego luna and team narcos 😢

  5. The best thing i like i this narcos movies is one simple thing, how they move their head just a bit to order something to be done, i mean itts just amazing, they just move their head for half sec a bit and everyone knows what to do hhehe, amazing.

  6. Season 3 w/o a strong character like Felix was close to a dud, even this El Chapo's story & portrayal was a bore, only the last episode was decent.

    Season 3 – 5/10

  7. Unnecessary side story of the local cop trying to find a murderer. So boring and irrelevant to narcos. Wish they would have deleted that story and included the arrest of Benjamin Arellano and of what happened to the Tijuana cartel after. So much stuff they could have included in this season instead of that lame side story cop

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