Moving To Mexico! They turned our PLANE AROUND!

Watch as we pack up, and look for properties in Mexico! But of course, disaster strikes, and the trip is put on hold!
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We are a crazy family of 8 from Hawaii; we believe in doing hard things, spontaneous adventures, laughing together, & trying new things and adventures in new lands!
Mom – Rachel
Dad – Jase
Klai 18
Rykel 16
Shae 15
Wyatt 13
Evelin 11
Cora 9

Music: Epidemic Sound:
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  1. what do you guys (ohana adventure) do with the dogs when you leave for a long road trip. do the dogs do their business all over the house? how do they eat?

  2. Dang! It will be sad to see you guys move. I remember remodeling the house in ‘18? or’19? and how happy Rachel was, but most of all I just always thought: “that is the mom I’ve always wanted”! You guys are freaking awesome! PS. Klailea is the same age as me!

  3. You mean you're Hawaiian blood I haven't kicked in yet?
    Hawaiians handle 90° weather and you can't handle 80° in the house. My Hawaiians we live in a house and we keep our Windows shut because the immigrants like the social during covid so our windows are shut so our house is up to 95°. We only have fans. So you're Hawaiian blood hasn't kicked in yet 80° and you're saying it's hot. LOL

  4. I'm sure this is just a prank or April fool's joke if they did this during April fool because YouTubers lie so much on their channels and prank people so much on their channels you don't know when to believe them or what to believe what they say anymore so I will believe it when I actually see them moving

  5. I don't know what YouTube did, but I can't pull up the Ohana Adventure's old Videos in numerical Date Release Order on their Channel anymore ☹️😔. This Issue started this Week. If I want to watch TOA's old Videos in the Order that they were released in, then I'll have to scroll from their recent Videos and keep scrolling down until I reach their early 2018 Videos where I'm currently at after watching their recent Videos. That's gonna be a lot of scrolling, that's gonna be a lot of Work 😟☹️😞. The Staff at YouTube need to come back Senses.

  6. Hey Ohana Adventure. We're all thinking about you and we know that everything is ok because you Guys are so blessed and you are absolute Soldiers. Please keep us updated about what's going on, we have no Idea and we'll like to be reassured that everything is setting in Place for you.

  7. I know why they turned you guys around my mom‘s cousin was coming here to America and they turn the plane around we paid $15 million dollars and they wouldn’t give us a refund that’s just messed up what they did they literally had to swim to shore and we had to pay for them to do the work not the people there but the people on the boat 🛶

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