MOVING BACK IN OUR VAN (driving Canada to Mexico)

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We’re back in our van! With bigggg van life plans (driving Canada to Mexico!!) This week we’re getting a taste of van life in the winter again all the while we’re maintaining our tiny home on wheels and caring for everything that needs attention before taking off across the USA border. Join us as we drive many miles in our off grid van with our beloved travel companions Bella and Izzy. This week’s destination: New Mexico!!! So excited to show you all this state has to offer 💛

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Our Journey! How did we get here?
We started living in our van full time in winter of February 2019. We drove across Canada spent 8 months on Vancouver Island working, living and traveling in our van. We then started our dream of overlanding Canada to Argentina. We fell in love with full time travel and van life as we carried on through Canada, USA, Mexico, & Guatemala. However, we couldn’t keep overlanding due to the travel restrictions. Over the past year and a half we have drove across Canada showing so many beautiful off- grid camps, national parks and how to live in a van. Now we are embarking on one of the most challenging & exiting projects yet… We are building an off-grid cabin in the woods alone with no experience al the while living in a van!

Make sure you join us as we continue to create van life & cabin life vlogs of our alternative life style. We hope you’ve enjoyed our previous travel vlogs & continue to join us on our next chapter of building this beautiful off grid cabin!

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Who we are?
We are the VANWIVES a Van Life Couple (Jazmyn and Crystal) and the other two members of our pack are our beautiful Australian Shepherd Van dogs Bella & Izzy. We are a lesbian couple from Canada who self converted a 2006 Sprinter Van to an off-grid home on wheels. We have been living in a van since February 2019 and love everything about VAN LIFE! We are so happy to be creating vlogs to bring you along for the road trip & show you what van life is really like… Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and join us on weekly adventures.

Thanks to everyone special who has encouraged us to start this epic adventure channel!

This is an LGBTQ+ safe place! We are always here to chat

See you on the Open Road!

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  1. Really happy to see you back on the road. The cabin is great, as are the videos there, but adventure is on the road. such fun-loving gals. nice to see that adventure rolling again. I’ll be heading down the west coast to baja from yukon this fall- excited to see what’s in store. For both of us. 🙂

  2. There are a lot of hot springs there…..try it.
    I remember, White Sands was great. I travelled alone the National Parks or state parks. Camping there is cheaper than the private ones, nature is amazing. There is great backyard camping in Saguaro NP. Also a nice retreat bearbeiten Joshua Tree NP. In Palm Springs, if I remember correctly. Basically in the desert, but with jacuzzi…..sigh. I am jealous…..enjoy!!!

  3. When you store the van next, use mint around it , bounce dryer sheets and irish spring chips to minimize the furry creatures invading the space. I use Home Depot mint trash bags and bounce to keep the unwonteds out of my vintage Apache trailer

  4. I’m a recent young widow needing a little support, mostly emotionally with driving long distances on my own. I would love to follow someone from ny to anyplace warm and sunny . If anyone is passing through please let me know. Also open to have my minivan towed and would share driving , gas and tolls.☀️💖

  5. Ohhhh the Jemez Hot Springs! I was there a couple of weeks ago. Would've been a blast to share drinks with you guys there!!! We could've done a Dive-Bomb Competition from the top pool to the bottom one.

  6. Glad to see you back traveling and don't miss your recording every sunday. I watched yesterday and saw you rushing Issy to the Vets, please tell me she is ok. I have pet of my own and they my children. I was so worried when I heard Jazz say she's dying. 🙁 Keep safe!!!

  7. Wow so excited to see more and you didn’t disappoint, and travelling when the weather is so bad cold and so much ice on the road. It’s great to it warming up as your going south and it looks amazing, and White Sands looks just amazing and love the tips you gave us . The scenery just looks beautiful and endless as well I think. Thank you so much and so informative as well you both are the best thank you again for such a great video.

  8. youre prolly to young to remember but I was in a lot of protests to get same sex rights and the media always printed that we were asking for SPECIAL rights. Like we wanted something different than anyone else. Be careful what you read and believe. If we would of just backed down you wouldn't be VANWIVES you'd be in hiding.

  9. Aaaahhhh!!!! So funny, I was thinking they should head to white sands, and that was the next shot! 😍 Sedona! Y’all are so close, I’m in Flagstaff. I hope y’all have had a lovely visit.
    If Indian gardens is open in Oak creek & their cafe… they should have some vegan friendly yummy food. Hopefully a drive by the Grand Canyon is in order! If you have time, there’s a road from Roosevelt Lake to the Salt river that’s dirt road and a gorgeous drive/camping.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode and so happy to see you reunited with your van and furbabies . Seriously, don't miss that cold weather and snow. Glad we live in balmy Western Australia with sunshine 9 months of the year. You gal's would love exploring this state in your van !

  11. Oh Ladies, new to your channel!! I sure hope you enjoyed the drive through Gallup, NM. Also hope you didn't miss seeing Canyon De Chelly National Monument! Just as beautiful as Sedona, if not more, in my opinion. Glad I found ya'll!

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