Mexico’s migration crisis: Confrontations between migrants and authorities on the rise

Authorities in Mexico are trying to reduce the number of migrants and asylum seekers heading north to the United States.
Many are being moved to various cities in Mexico with a promise of temporary jobs until their cases are heard in US courts.
But the long waits are leading to frustration and in some cases, violence.
Al Jazeera’s Manuel Rapalo reports from Mexico City.

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  1. The 200,000 unemployment count here in America isn't true. We have more than that in one state here but they only count the ones who get unemployment insurance which is hardly anyone.

  2. For many years Migrant traveled across Mexico without incident, but now the "caravans" are orchestrated from political sectors of american policy to create a problem in the american border as anyone can see. The permissive attitude of the Mexican Government to everything from crime to human trafficking makes things much worse. If things keep going this way the president may confront the anger no only from Migrants but also from Mexican themselves.

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