Mexico's Craziest Drink 🇲🇽

In Tequila Mexico exist Mexico’s craziest drink. It’s basically two bottles of tequila, a lot of juice and ice to get you as drunk as possible. People come from all over the world and Mexico to try the cantaritos el guero famous drink. Cheers

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  1. If I’m not mistaken that’s cantaritos el guero in amatitan Jalisco like 10 min from tequila , my dad is from tequila and my mom r.i.p is from amatitan I’m always up there at gueros shit is fire 🔥

  2. This isn’t crazy I make this every week a tequila one for me and a non alcoholic one for my daughter and she loves it. It’s called a cantaritos

  3. Wow great video! Please write me what kind of Limonade and tequila is there? There are so much mouth water 🤤😀

  4. I used to bartend… for what they charge….no way… they put way too much soda in there. 8 bottles of squirt????? after putting their own juices????

  5. No artificial ingredients. Kosher salt fresh squeezed oranges and limes, authentic tequila from Tequila Jalisco… what else you want???

  6. Mannnnnn I have been wanting to try this for about 6 years now. Time to take a tripp! Lets goooooooooooooooooooooo

  7. Por hablar hingles y ceerte el tonto y ignorante no suben tus subcriptores, están buenos tu vidrio pero te falta humildad ya sete olvidó donde naciste espero cambies siquieres que lo entiendan los de usa solo ponle subtitulos y ya.

  8. 2:32
    bartender: im giving you 4 free jugs and a few disposable one
    him: we are 5 people
    bartender: ignores
    him: we are 5 people
    bartender: ignores again
    him: (listen here u little shit)

  9. i love these bartenders. you can tell they enjoy what they do and are proud of their home and culture and are happy to share it with the world

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