Mexico’s Boeing 787 Problem: $16 Million For A Jet It Doesn’t Fly

Since 2018, the Mexican government has had its presidential aircraft (registration XC-MEX) parked and stored while trying, unsuccessfully, to sell it. In 2022, the country will pay US$16 million to keep it stored. Why is the Mexican government having such a hard time selling this aircraft?

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  1. Billions and Billions of dollars of Drug money from the US flow into Mexico day and night! What is done with that money? That the Mexican government needs austerity measures is absurd!

  2. Lease it out to the national flag carrier?….to keep tax payers money down…of course, it has to be retrofitted into passenger configuration.

  3. As Mexican this just a shame that our populist President is doing this, but that saddest part is that the great majority of the Mexican population believes him and actually thinks that the airplane has already been sold, when the reality is that we are paying more for its maintenance…so sad period for Mexico with this disgusting person as President

  4. They should have approached the big charter companies. Lease it out even as the Mexican Presidential Jet. Many people would get a kick out of flying it as that and it could pay off some maintenance.

  5. And this is not the only aviation related nonsense decision he took. He dumped a world class, half built airport with 6 runways just to build a smaller one, with only two runways, at double the distance from Mexico City, and in the process spending more than what it would take to finish the first one. Not to mention that he intends to keep two other nearby airports functioning at the same time… connections in Mexico City will be a hell of an experience.

  6. They are already paying a fortune for the lease and to keep it stored anyway, might as well just use it. But, ah never mind, politics is all about clashing egos and nothing about thinking things through.

    If they really are so desperate to sell it they could go after the Middle East oil barons, they are always looking for pharaonic, stupidly expensive things to show off.

  7. This is what happens when populism takes over, do not ever allow it in your country, this president is literally destroying México.

  8. As a mexican, I like many things that president is doing, but OMG I hate his cheapness… besides the plane, he cancelled a new airport ALREADY 30% done. Besides that he endangers average people by flying commercial…

  9. If they really wanted to sell it they would lower the sticker price. However, then the government would have to come up with an excuse for taking such a huge loss.

  10. Oh wow they haven't sold this yet??? I managed to see it a few years ago when it came to NY for its first (and only) UNGA appearance

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