Mexico's 7-Eleven Went TOO FAR!! Epic Convenience Store Tour in Playa del Carmen!

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This isn’t your usual convenience store! We’re trying 7-eleven in Mexico! Are you hungry?
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  1. Maybe someone already commented this, so maybe I'm late but you offended so many hispanics by disliking Gansitos, it would be the equivalent to the twinky state side 🤣. There's a dark chocolate version and try it frozen next time, might like it. I'm new to the channel, been watching a whole bunch not in a particular order, keep up the good work, also great since of humor

  2. Hahah that’s how I feel every time I see a Asian 7-11. I’m like why are all the 7-11’s in Asia so freaking awesome. And the ones in the states all of them suck with terrible food.
    The states need to up their 7-11 game to a 7 cuz they are a 3 right now. Like the ones in japan are 10’s.

  3. I know others will said you should have tried this or that. I love the Penafiel flavored sodas (especially limon, pepino, mango, coconut, & salt). Adobadas is the signature Mexican potato chip flavor (tomato with lime and a very mild chile). My favorite snacks were these cheap little corn chips that I do not remember the name of and these small little mint balls that i also forgot the name. You bypassed the cookie section (but showed them); which are very popular among the natives. I like the lemon/lime one. Tamarind flavored snacks are also popular. You did try the Gansito which is possibly the most popular snack in Mexico.

  4. I have had chapulins in Mexico. I did not see them in the 711s I frequented. I have lived in US, Canada, and Mexico; and all 3 Countries have 711s with homeless people standing outside the door opening it for you for change.

  5. I have lived in Monterrey. I must have that chewy candy you said was gamey. It was probably gamey because you took it from Monterrey; and kept it stored for days in your car. But I do not remember it being gamey fresh. The goat milk treat is called Cajeta; and it is a type of duce de leche.

  6. You gave three different pronunciations for OXXO and got it wrong.😂From what I understand; the store chain is pronounced 'Oak-so'; or at least that is how my Mexican Friends pronounced it. I miss Oxxo, and their cheap, homemade sandwiches.😭Where is my Penafiel?

  7. I grew up in israel watching American TV, and everyone on the American shows seemed to love burritos, I had no idea what they were (despite speaking fluent Spanish as well, because Latin Americans are not huge burrito fans outside of Mexico, or at lest it’s not what they would serve on Telemundo… lol), so we visited the US when I was 16 and went ice skating, and there was a burrito vending machine… I wanted to try one.. they got it for me, but they didn’t tell me you had to heat it up.. or something.. I don’t know…. I just remember taking a few bites and never eating again for the next few days. 🤮🤮🤮
    Cold vending machine burrito – you have met your match: the OXXO microwave burrito.

    Yeah, dude, you weren’t supposed to microwave the bag of salsa 🤮
    You really need to start a cancer fund.. FFS be careful with what you eat!!!

  8. When Sunny is standing next to the deli-meat and sandwich section and picks up “pizza” that has the word “FUD” written on it. 😂🤣😂
    This is probably how Americans think Spanish people talk. 😂🤣😂

  9. If you grow up with a goat milk candy, you freaking love it! I crave the stuff. My favorite ones are Glorias. And then there is cageta! 🤤 exquisite stuff! Surprised and a little disappointed that you didn’t like it very much.

  10. It's awesome how in Mexican they straight up say if something has too much calories, sugar or sodium. Way less complicated than reading a nutrition label

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