mexico storytime…

Hey hey. We’re in mexiiiiiico. We’re in tulum for a wedding and welp…I have a story time. Uhhhh scariest day of my life. Trying to make the most of the trip regardless and keep the vibes High. I show you my iconic fits I packed, give you a hotel room tour, and bring y’all along the fun. I’ll be talking to y’all in the comments as usual xo


  1. Im honestly relieved that you guys also battle rap with each other and its terrible 😂 cause me and my bf do that shit too lmfao

  2. I feel you Lauren. Tulum has all ways seemed to easy accessible, and unproblematic. But.. Wow that was some

  3. The getting ur own bottle for ur room, dude that’s normal where I live. What if u want to watch a hockey game on the tv. Course ur gonna get few beers/alcohol to watch the game… what ur doing is same thing

  4. Lmfao!! Omg ur boyfriends are the best. Walking in front you u guys with there flashlights on while u guys walk and talk 😂😂 that’s cute

  5. I love how real Lauren is about money 💰 lmao, like she doesn’t act like things aren’t expensive & sugarcoat the prices

  6. Esos son solo los cárteles que luchan por el territorio, no te preocupes, intentan no golpear a los turistas.

  7. Very sad that for us mexicans is very normal to see/be in a shooting and we just have to keep going with our lives like nothing, but I'm glad you are showing some light on how things really are in tulum! it's a beautiful place but because of the rise of tourists there is a high demand on drugs

  8. I’m curious if the couple that you’re there for has watched this… lol like I’d feel so bad for making everyone come out there and then a SHOOTING… girl. Not to mention how much money it takes on a destination wedding. Honestly if you’re gonna have a destination wedding u should pay for everyone’s hotel and transportation period.

  9. lauren is the only reason I still have and use youtube tbh 😂🙏🏼 I appreciate her openness soooo much! when she said how she reached out to that brand about a gifting but was ghosted!!! she’s so authentic!!!!

  10. Ive been to tulum so many times, i dont stay on the beach strip. I spend no more than $600 for flights and airbnb for a week / maybe it’s expensive on the beach strip

  11. I’m team F*** Papaya, it smells and tastes like throw up 😂 even with lime and sugar it still tastes bad lol

  12. Ooookaaaaayy biiiiiiiiiisshh that whole story abt what happened while uguys are chilling out on your room deck while uguys were arguing is CRAZY Especially because me and my family were just in Mexico not in Mexico not intelligent but when we were in Matzatlan Mexico We had this weird incident where we were taking a picture as a family so pretty much a group photo in front of this church and the weirdest thing happened where this girl comes up and takes a picture of all of us and we didn't even know her And we were out there just about a week and a 1/2 ago

  13. Yeah I feel like ESPECIALLY bc Mexico KNOWS what's UP with us Americans and they're lIke oh we are NOT charging with Peso currency we charging them US. DOLLARS bc uguys got money hahah

  14. Fun video. Scary night it sounds like. That dress you wanted to wear to the wedding was the absolute best I have ever seen you look. AMAZING AF! I am team NO papaya. Yuck, I stick with the mango 🥭

  15. henny’s hotel spiking drinks rationale has me trying not to BUST OUT laughing on the treadmill right now probably looking like a damn fool!! thank y’all for giving me the best workout content like, ever

  16. Im sad to hear that. Im from México and I hate when tourists leave with a bad impression of my country, but the truth is that México isnt a safe place sadly.

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