Mexico HUMILIATES Medieval Texas Governor

Mexico is progressing and the United States is regressing. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report. 

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“The Taliban have announced an all-male caretaker government including an interior minister wanted by the FBI, on a day when at least two people were killed by violent policing of street protests against the new authorities.

The leadership unveiled on Tuesday is drawn entirely from Taliban ranks, despite promises of an inclusive cabinet, and many of its senior figures are on UN sanctions lists, which is likely to complicate the group’s search for international recognition.”

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  1. Women if they need help just drive to New Mexico or Arizona with a friend to help you with your problem with. Stop I said stop, bad man hitting, no job or I don't want it business. Because men like making babies but don't want to help raise one.

  2. Why I'm walking away from the left;

    Man, y'all are really not going to like the research recently published and more under peer review. Studies coming out of telAviv, India, the Netherlands, John Hopkins..Lol. Get ready for some major cognitive dissonance. But we know you'll just double down over succeeding that the other side was right about anything. Get ready to find out that vaccinated people are driving mutations (thanks for Delta, guys), carry 10xs the virus, making them super spreaders, those with natural immunity showing 13xs the protection of those with artificial immunity, and NIH recommending hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to physicians for further study because other countries finding are showing dramatic effects in disease progression, consequently significantly reducing the amount of people taking up hospital beds.

    I'm sure the pharmaceutical industry plays no role in the mis and disinformation so many of y'all are propagating.

    This doesn't serve as a gotcha, or start of an argument, just a reminder to take a step back and be scientists again. Y'all seem to have lost your skeptical mind in favor of the establishment. Confirmation bias is running rampant and this team red team blue nonsense has some of y'all doubling down on nonsense, in the face of strong scientific evidence, well developed, gold standard, peer reviewed studies. You break my heart. I promise you'll be on the wrong side of History in this one.

    Ps. I'm not saying vaccines are bad and we shouldn't get them but I'm saying that you can over vaccinate a population causing a vaccine to become more leaky and a virus to adapt and mutate faster. We are over vaccinating our population and it's been turned so political that you can't even see past your own ideologies and honestly examine the science.

  3. Yes, and a flipped clause in the law encourages anyone with information about an illegal abortion to notify the authorities. The reward for this is 10000 U$D, and anyone who has helped her, lent her money, transported her, you can report too. Neighbors, acquaintances, friends, who could you trust?
    In the past there was an institution that killed witches, heretics, jews, the knight-temples, muslims…etc
    'The Holy Inquisition' used the same technique. Citizens point out suspicious persons.
    Then, deep in the dungeons, they knew how to force a confession from you.

  4. Hmmm…I wonder, who it the actual "shithole country"? The one not quite there yet but is still moving forward? Or would it be the one that was once there, yet is now moving backward?

  5. I feel bad for everyone living in America. Constantly being bombarded by propaganda they no longer know who to believe. The right and left are constantly trying to push an agenda it really gets tiring. I don't even live there and it's painful.

  6. I'm an American living in The Netherlands and I agree, America is regressing and is certainly not the leader of the 'free' world anymore .. if it ever WAS. We can't even agree amonst ourselves.

  7. There are contemporary portraits and statues of Wallace and he looked nothing at all like Mel Gibson, nor did he wear a kilt – it just wasn't a thing at the time – they didn't become a fashion in Scotland until the 16th century, while Wallace died at the beginning of the 14th century, at leat 200 years too early. Also, he wouldn't have worn woad – that's based on 1st cenury BCE Roman propaganda courtesy of Julius Caesar!


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