Mexico football match suspended after violence breaks out in stands

The game between Queretaro and Atlas at La Corregidora stadium in the city of Queretaro — the ninth round of the 2022 Clausura football tournament — was in its 63rd minute when fights between opposing fans broke out.

As security guards opened the stadium doors to allow fans to get to safety, some instead continued to exchange blows, forcing the game to be stopped and sending the players to the locker room.

Chaotic scenes unfolded, with fans tumbling over each other and others cowering under a shower of furious kicks and punches.

A VAR monitor was destroyed during the clashes, with images posted to social media showing injured fans lying prostrate.


  1. I love seeing grown men kill each other for a sports team😂 or any people that take their group or flag too seriously. Great entertainment!

  2. The violence is horrific, I hope those injured all make a full recovery. Mexicos football association need to pay for these animals to be caught and prosecuted.

  3. People acting like such barbarians at a sports match what was the point of all this chaos.yet you expect us to cater to such barbarians will never happen and I will not help such people in this deplorable behavior

  4. There are many videos all over twitter about the real footage form the people. There is tons and tons of blood. There are people knocked out getting kicked in the skull, many stripped completely naked getting beat while knocked out or dead. Blood puddles that men are laying on seemingly dead not sure. People inside and outside of the staduim shirtless or naked on the floor. People beating up on bodies that aren't moving. Beating people with metal fences and chair and pipes cracking skulls. 5-6 people all attacking one man, people chasing down anyone with a Red and black atlus shirts. Basically if your wearing red and black change quickly or your going to get beaten to death. Men and their kids getting attacked these people have no mercy on anyone. There are tons of videos and pictures on twitter showing and proving that this is WAY more massive of a bloodbath than the media is showing. There are definitely many dead people that's for sure. The people in the comments say its common or a brawl I'd say to look it up that this was more of a series of executions by the people to another teams people. Its very graphic so please look with caution. It was tons more than 22 injured and there were many dead bodies…but noone is covering the true story as usual so noone thinks its bad, man it was a massacre.

  5. Lmao they can stand up against an opposite soccer team and fight each other almost to death, but become some little b*ches when it comes to fighting the corruption and violence 🕵‍♂

  6. In the video, they were all screaming and chanting "Putos, putos, putos" at each other. Doesn't make me sad when a bunch of homophobes kill each other. I hope all 17 died in agony

  7. Lamentable que pase algo así en mi país. Hasta donde llega el fanatismo, realmente no sé de dónde sacan tanto enojo e ira para hacer algo así.

  8. Some people say that they should take away Mexico's World Cup Qualification and let the rest of the country Gang up on Queretaro or suspend Queretaro from Liga MX.
    It's up to the league what should happen tho maybe even the country.
    In the recent years Mexican Soccer fans haven't had the best reputation. I watched something about the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster but that was more of an overcrowding problem than a riot

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