Mexico Cliff Jumping Short Film

Mexico is an absolute paradise for cliff jumpers. From Cenotes to huge waterfalls you really cant ask for a better place to cliff jump. However to our surprise we had to work extra hard to earn our sends down there. from hiking miles through the jungle to the worst food poisoning of our lives, this was a legendary cliff jumping expedition.

Filmed and edited by Nick Coulter @croulter
360 filming by Steven Donovan @es_dons
Photography by Tyler Stallings @huckstermcgee

Robert Wall, Chase Reinford, Jay Briggs, Travis Sims, Nick Coulter, Brandon Gross, Jon Faye, Johnny Wyman, Logan LaTulippe

Note this trip was pre Covid.

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Instagram: @croulter


  1. Even tho a 30min video isn't allways my choice on YouTube but you guys did such a great job in editing this video
    so i watched it with big interest! Im a cliffjumper myself, seeing you guys do that stuff just blows my mind.
    Keep up the great work, send itttt!

  2. Does anybody call Travis “Stevo” ?!? Lol 😂 that’s gotta be his nickname for sure lol

  3. Dude this is one of the best videos and you're editing skills are as sick as your jumping skills.

  4. Where is chase Reinford of (Adrenaline Addiction) is not active from 6 months I watched all his video and yours cliff jumping video have you any news of him is he ok ?

  5. All you guys had to do is learn some hospitality. You bring gifts and speak to the heads of those lands and spend some time in their village, its muy bueno after that. Just walking on people's lands and jumping from tourist spots without going to the heads first is majorly disrespectful. I have no troubles down there or anywhere else I go. If you want to travel to Uganda and stay at my parents house, I could show you some absolutely amazing spots. 🤙

  6. So first you jumped even with the security prohibiting it, then you come back a week later and they allow you to do it ? Mexicans should be the best people in this world, I'm heading to this cenote soon, hopefully they'll be cool with some sends <3

  7. I jumped 50 feet in a cenote in cancun few weeks ago and I'm still kinda sore lol cant imagine 100 feet thats so wild

  8. This shit was lit, been to some of those places in Mexico, my dad never allowed me to jump tho lmao

  9. Nick, your footage and editing is on point! and the bloopers got me rolling, y'all are hilarious! keep sending it 🙂

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