MEXICO 5-STAR HOTEL COMPARISON: Staying in Punta Mita's most spectacular Marriott hotels

For our latest hotel comparison video Nicky and Marc stayed at two of the most spectacular Marriott hotels in Punta Mita, Mexico!

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Nicky stayed at the St Regis Punta Mita – £1,085 ($1,500) per night
Marc stayed at the W Punta de Mita – £431 ($598) per night



  1. Finally you guys started uploading ♥️
    My fav fav favourite flight, hotel review channel in YouTube.
    You guys are funny with great personalities ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Last 15 seconds…. 😂😂😂

  2. That outside day bed on the balcony looks so inviting, one slight issue, you will have a Zebra sun tan, however, the outside shower and view are sweet.

    This is a true 5* hotel, complete opposite of the 5* rated hotels you book on all inclusive holiday from tour operators in the UK.

    All you cant eat 5* buffet = pizza, spagbog, chicken tikka masala and chips, mac and cheese, not quite the real deal.

    Great to see you guys moving again, Punta Regis wins hands down for me, its has class in abundance.

  3. Love TPG but I had trouble with the volume levels – speech was too soft, music was too loud. I had to lower the volume everytime the background music came on.

  4. I really like your videos but the sound balance between the taking (really quiet) and the music (really loud) is annoying – I think you could easily improve that part to make it even better

  5. Neither of them, that hotel is not worth 900 dollars a night, especially when you realise that they are built in what is called “Nuevo Vallarta” near Puerto Vallarta, but in a different state. Resorts Mexico is overpriced, especially now that most of the world’s tourists destinations are closed/restricted, and there are absolutely 0 restrictions in Mexico (no PCR test entry requirements, no vaccination certificate, no track and trace apps and businesses have been fully operational) because of this resorts in there decided to make a profit on that, you would think that that wouldn’t be the case as so many people are currently finding travel off putting, well no, Cancun airport registered more passengers this year in comparison to pre-pandemic passenger traffic. Why are they overpriced?: because its main market is US tourists, who are used to paying American prices, hence why they charge prices like that. For half of that you could stay in Mauritius or Bali and have a similar experience.

  6. LOVE these hotel comparisons, perhaps even more so than the flights! The Doha vid is one of my all-time favourites and loved this one too!

    Usually I'd prefer the W but the St Regis here looked stunning!

  7. The audio mixing on this one was… not great. The music was way too loud, and the dialog volume jumped so drastically from one scene to the next that I literally couldn't hear half the video and had to keep my hand on the volume the entire time.

  8. On top of an amazing video the music choices were… top-notch! I think one has to factor in two points about the room service. If they tell you it is going to be 45 minutes and you proceed – you can't fault them if they are on time. Secondly, if you ordered it during a resorts meal service time (i.e. 5 to 9pm) you can expect a wait. The only deduction on room service has to be the low quality of the food served. Thanks for taking the time to video, edit, produce, and upload to share with us.

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