MEXICAN STREET FOOD Tour in Mexico City 🇲🇽 CRAZY BIRRIA TACOS in CDMX w/ @Peluche Torres!

🌮 Welcome to Mexico. This is one of the greatest food countries in the world! We are starting our EPIC Mexican Street Food series in Mexico City, with our friend Peluche Torres. Go subscribe to his channel!

We are having all things BIRRIA for breakfast at Birria Los Güeros De Juanacatlan! Birria tacos, birria consome and super hot broth. The beef literally MELTS in your mouth! The beef are already smothered in the consome, but with an extra bowl you can drown the tacos in the rich, spicy broth. Super delicious!

For our second street food of the day, we walked to Las Flautas De Tacubaya to try their famous Flautas. Flautas are a rolled tortilla with a meat filling that is fried in oil, then they are topped with cabbage and an amazing red salsa. These are crunchy and bursting with flavour. They are so addictive! They also served a special drink known as Tepache, which is a fermented pineapple and brown sugar drink. The Tepache really helped cool down the spiciness of the Flautas.

Our next street food was the famous Mexican torta at Tortas El Chatín! These sandwiches are stuffed with meat, Oaxacan cheese and their homemade pickles. Each torta is made fresh to order and served piping hot. We were also recommended peach soda by the friendly owner. It was incredibly tasty!

It was time to try another renown Mexico City specialty – Huaraches, which are famously named after the shaped of the Mexican sandal. We went to El Huarache de Jamaica and ordered the Huarache Costilla. Huaraches are made from masa mixed with smashes pinto beans, made into an oval shape. It’s shallow fried and topped in red and green salsa, as well as cheese. It’s finally topped with a grilled rib steak. These are super filling and are an entire meal on their own.

Since we were in the neighbourhood, we walked to Mercado Jamaica. This is primarily a flower market, but there are tons of spices, nuts and local produce spread around the market. Since we were so full of amazing Mexican food, we decided to try one last small street food snack. At the edge of the market there was a roasted corn stall. Corn is one of the most important crops in Mexico, and when the cob is grilled over charcoal, it creates a smoky and crunchy snack. It was topped in chilli salt and lime juice and was the perfect way to end a day of eating street food in Mexico!

Birria Los Güeros De Juanacatlan
Las Flautas De Tacubaya
Tortas El Chatín
El Huarache de Jamaica
Mercado Jamaica

Thank you for watching the first episode of our Mexico Street Food series. Join us each Sunday for a new episode. Next week we will continue eating all of what CDMX has to offer. BIG thank you to our friend and food expert Peluche for helping us make this video. Make sure to go give his channel some love and SUBSCRIBE!

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