Magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits southwest Mexico | DW News

A powerful earthquake that struck southern Mexico on Tuesday night claimed at least one victim and was felt in Mexico City nearly 322 kilometers (200 miles) away.

The US Geological Survey reported the earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 and was centered around 11 miles (17 kilometers) north of the popular tourist destination Acapulco.

At least one person died in the state of Guerrero. Around 1.6 million electricity users were affected by the quake, the Mexican state power authority, the Comission Federal de Electricidad said. Lights went out in the Roma Sur neighborhood in the heart of Mexico City but there were no early reports of serious damage in the capital.


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  8. You would think DW could find someone in Mexico to interview about Acapulco who actually knows how to pronounce Acapulco. I've never heard of this so called journalist in Mexico city, but for the record it's not alcapulco it's Acapulco and we don't just have earthquakes in September.

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