Living In A $160K, All Cash Home In Mexico | Unlocked

Glen Rogers, 68, lives in a 2-bedroom house in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She bought this home for $160,000 in cash in 2016. Glen is an artist, author and educator. Unlocked is a new home tour series focused on how much people across the globe spend on their housing, what they get for the money and what they had to sacrifice to make it happen.

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Living In A $160K, All Cash Home In Mexico | Unlocked


  1. Is there any way I can get in touch with this woman? I am also an artist looking to relocate outside the USA as an expat (mainly due to cost of living — especially in Southern California!). I'm curious to know how to explore the art market with regard to selling original oil paintings. I would be most grateful if I could have an opportunity to chat with her, perhaps on this YT channel. Thanks.

  2. You should have put a link to Glen's website for her artwork, if she has one! I envy her life there, she really has created a beautiful space and life for herself!

  3. Hello I am so in awe of the beautiful home. I just moved to Mexico in TJ Otay. I do want to travel more around Mexico. My daughter in-laws is here and my grandkids. Been now in TJ 2 years looking to buy or rent in another area beside TJ. Any suggestion I also want to go to Mazatlan La Paz and other beautiful places in Mexico thank you for sharing. Beautiful I am an makeup artist for film and wanted to start creating again art work. Yes Mexico is inspiring

  4. Hello, nicely filmed video! I love your art! So creative and pretty. You seem so relaxed, down-to-earth and happy. What motivated you to set up a studio outside of the US? California is such a lovely place. Hey, I have a cat named Ginger too! The Mexican tiles are beautiful. How is life in Mexico compared to the US? I understand a big part of your decision to settle in Mexico as I see the end of your video. I’m Canadian living in the countryside of southern Shikoku, Japan. I bought a lovely, traditional Japanese home 6 years ago with a small farm for a fraction of what it would cost in Canada. I’ve been here over 10 years, but it’s getting near time to return home. I have everything here I’ve always wanted; however, I’ve discovered I’m too much of an independent-thinking individual to ever fit into Japanese culture. So Japan has become simply too isolating. Impossible to ever be accepted and integrate fully into society and build deep relationships here beyond very superficial ones. I’m creative and love art. Keep expressing your self through your paintings and other artwork. Keep well.

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