This is Las Coloradas Yucatan, the rainbow salt flats of Rio Lagartos Mexico. It took us 4 trips to get this one right, and finally we got a our quadcopter the DJI Inspire 1 drone flight in! You can find pools of green, orange, and pink here. These are ancient drying beds for salt, the more pink the water, the higher the concentration. This place is in the middle of nowhere, and is a helluva thing to see! It’s similar to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, just add a little bit more color 😉

In our 4 visits to Las Coloradas, we only saw about 5 other people visiting. It’s basically unheard of, and you can spend the whole day by yourself there. The drive from Merida or Cancun is about 3 hours, but it’s worth it as there’s lots of other things to see up there as well. Flamingos, Mud Baths, Dolphins, etc.

If Mexico is on your travel list, and you find yourself in the Yucatan Peninsula, make the trip to Las Coloradas.

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