This is Las Coloradas Yucatan, the rainbow salt flats of Rio Lagartos Mexico. It took us 4 trips to get this one right, and finally we got a our quadcopter the DJI Inspire 1 drone flight in! You can find pools of green, orange, and pink here. These are ancient drying beds for salt, the more pink the water, the higher the concentration. This place is in the middle of nowhere, and is a helluva thing to see! It’s similar to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, just add a little bit more color 😉

In our 4 visits to Las Coloradas, we only saw about 5 other people visiting. It’s basically unheard of, and you can spend the whole day by yourself there. The drive from Merida or Cancun is about 3 hours, but it’s worth it as there’s lots of other things to see up there as well. Flamingos, Mud Baths, Dolphins, etc.

If Mexico is on your travel list, and you find yourself in the Yucatan Peninsula, make the trip to Las Coloradas.

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  2. Just visited this place today and it's super touristic I mean people will jump at you and try to charge you to see the place and you are only allowed in with locals I mean they even try to charge you for free parking.

    As far as the pink colour you see in pictures it's very much filters.

    All in all imho this place is not worth the visit a bad suggestion not mindful of others time.

  3. if nothing survive why you got your nasty feet in it they say that water got bacteria in there yall do anything for YouTube.

  4. PLEASE people, don't use drones to harrass / chase flamingos, they are very nervous birds and they can get hurt by being spooked by drones. So, avoid using drones near flamingos.

  5. "Experiences over possessions". It is great mentality from milenials that now I understand is changing our new reality. You guys are fighting ignorance and prejudices in the simplest way; showing the truth with your own experience. Gracias mil for your time exploring a Mexico that no many foreigners know thousand thanks for making America one America (Alaska to patagonia)

  6. This girl is akward..there is no need to make a fool of herself..we
    Are here just to see the lake and decide wer going or not

  7. Beautiful footage, I loved the sunset. That bum sight Mike 😍. Nice moves, too. Those seconds are appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I've been getting some comments about the Horseshoe Crab at 2:15, let's clear that up. We found the shell of this beautiful animal in the salt water, and thought it was incredibly interesting. Unfortunately nothing survives in this water except a certain species of algae, and a certain species of shrimp. Our cool little crab had passed away, and what you see in the video is only the exterior. His shell that he left behind. After graduating university with a degree in Marine Biology, I would never do something like this to a live creature. Thank you for all your animal loving concern though, they are very cool creatures!

  9. The part where you dropped the horseshoe crab into the wind is where you lost me. Absolutely horrible, no respect for nature at all. Animals deserve our love and respect and I hope you put it back into the water after that.

  10. marco munoz te corijo xq yo soy de las coloradas y no se pueden meter xq de ahi se cosecha la sal q comemos no es xq hayga peligro si no xq es la sal q llega hasta tu casa y a la de muchos mas

  11. Hi Mike! Stunning video! How hard was to shoot in those conditions? I'm planning on shooting a music video there and got a bit surprised that you had to go 4 times there to shoot. I recall shooting in other salt flats once (Araya, Venezuela) and a Red Camera I had with me had a bit of troubleshooting… probably because of the salt concentration in the air + high temperatures… do you have any recommendations for shooting there? Thanks!

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