Landon Donovan provoked international beef with Mexico by trash-talking, peeing, and winning

Mexico vs. the United States has always been a good (if often one-sided) soccer rivalry. But in the early 2000s, it a whole new level thanks to a particularly pesky American: Landon Donovan. He scored goals, he talked trash, he … peed on a practice field. It was a lot, and it made a historic feud something else entirely for the better part of two decades. Enjoy this beef of one man versus an entire nation.

Directed and edited by Charlotte Atkinson
Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal


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  1. Landon Donovan is my favorite American soccer player of all time! I was lucky to see his whole soccer career what a pleasure to see on the field leading the American

  2. Dang I watched most of these but missed just how brutal Donovan was 😂

    Seriously that’s the some of the most personal and brutal trash talking I’ve seen in quite some time.

  3. As a Mexican, I hated Donovan with a passion for the things he would say. Now I applaud how disrespectful he was to the status quo. I admire his “I’m not afraid of the Giant of CONCACAF and I’m going to disrespect them and show you they are not gods” attitude

  4. When you have a hairline like Donovan you have to either be a great athlete or some sort of super mega Rich business man or else you're going to have a hard life 🤣🤣

  5. Because of “this” growing up Landon Donovan was my soccer hero & still is. He gave me & my family so much happiness especially in that 2002 World Cup! I remember being a kid and just crying in pure joy 😂

  6. Don't know why Mexico is so rabid when it comes to football, even more then other latin americans somehow

    what i do know and find it really funny is that their team is and always was mediocre and that winning the World Cup is the nations dream

    a dream which will probably never come to pass.

  7. This is also known as "Le Beuf du Scrubs" (The Beef between Scrubs). What a couple of worthless, inconsequential teams.

  8. I love to watch US beat Mex in soccer/fútbal but I love watching Mexico win otherwise. I'm Mexican/Spanish/French, born America, so I cheer my countries on. But like every good sports rivalry, it's heated in the stands but civil in the streets.

  9. Makes a commercial for the Mexican lottery…. Says it seems kind of racist. It’s a joke. They played him as speedy Gonzalez with his California/Spanish accent but in reverse and trying to sneak in to Mexico whilst laughing at his frito bandito mustache, relax… man we are brainwashed.

  10. I saw Landon at a sports bar in Houston during the 2018 world cup because he was there signing autographs. The crowd was primarily team mexico and the respect was real. He signed a bunch of mexico jerseys and took pics with fans. 🇺🇸 🇲🇽

  11. Mexican fan here. Today, after all that š#l+, I can assure without a doubt that Landon is respected, admired and loved here in Mexico. Talent is recognized, even if it hurts.

  12. I hated Donovan so much but once he retired I had nothing but respect for him. He was the beginning of what is now an actual rivalry.

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