Ken Block Takes on Mexico’s Toughest Race W/ Jax Redline & Alan Ampudia!: The Baja 1000!

The Baja 1000 race just recently wrapped up after months of preparation and it was one of the coolest racing experiences I’ve ever had. And now, you can see the full coverage from the team’s attempt and see how we ended up 4th overall despite a mechanical issue, in this latest BAJA UPDATE from Zac, from the series finale of Whoopocalypse Now!

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  1. I was always curious how they went pee in baja 🤣 I have a small bladder I’d have to be dehydrated to last that long without going. Good to know there’s a hose running down your pant leg hahaha

  2. That truck isn't much to look at but as far as performance goes it's a masterpiece. Legendary machine.

  3. those pit stops are badass. The truck surviving the event is a feat of itself. One fixable mechanical issue, not bad. Strong team

  4. Kudos to Ken for so proudly flying the Bisexual Pride colors in his livery. That's a bold statement that takes courage. Not my cup of tea, but I commend him none the less.

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