1. haha Mexico is the most powerful Latin american country you wish you was Mexican your just hating cus you live in a shity tinny little country that no one gives a fuck about..hahahahaha

  2. El equipo Mexicano de mayores dan ganas de llorar, cada dia peor!! Y todavia tienen la osadia de compararse con los equipos de America del sur. Donde tubieran que pelear
    la clasificacion con conmebol nunca participarian en ningun evento internacional.

  3. Confident? Cmon, maybe the mexico who played in 98 or 06. But the mexico of today is garbage. The players are either failures in europe or in the mexican/MLS league. Theres no way. I highly doubt theyd qualify in South America or Europe. You have a bias, I'm telling you based on what I see objectively. They suck.

  4. what some of you fail to understand is some countries close the gap as years go by and thats whats going with Jamaica right now.. they have more players playing pro football in Europe and the U.S. this is not the same Jamaican team that used semi pro players that Mexico use to beat 6-0.. these Jamaican players play in the EPL, The Championship, MLS, Scottish/Swedish & Norwegian Premier League. they have players playing at a high level that can compete with mexico, USA,costa rica, Honduras ect..

  5. mexico is good side but Jamaica play a very good game that day they just have a bad day
    that's all i think if Jamaica play like that all the time there going to the world cup.

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