Is it Safe to Visit Mexico | Is Living in Mexico Safe | Would I be Safe in Mexico

Is it Safe to Visit Mexico | Is Living in Mexico Safe | Would I be Safe in Mexico

People ask me all of the time, ¨ Is it safe to visit Mexico?¨ Or they will ask me, ¨ Is living in Mexico safe?¨ Or they may ask, ¨ Would I be safe in Mexico?¨

I´m Bill the Geek and this is the Bill Dallas Lewis Channel and thank you for visiting.

So, when people ask me, ¨Is it safe to visit Mexico?¨ I tell them what you are about to see in this video. I am going to tell you about two or three things that I have experienced since I have been through in my seventeen years of living here in Mexico. Two of the things I am going to share with you can be totally explained, the third one can not be explained.

When people ask me, ¨Is living in Mexico safe?¨ I tell them what you are about to see in this video. There are some basic things that you can do to be safe all of the time in Mexico.

People will ask me about crime in Mexico VS the USA, or they will ask me about crime in Mexico today, or they will ask how to be safe in Mexico, or they will ask me about safety in Mexico, or they will ask me about being safe in Mexico. Well it all comes down to a couple of different things that you want to pay attention to.

So if you are thinking about the question, ¨Can I be safe in Mexico?¨ then you want to watch this video because we are going to give you safety tips for Mexico and safety tips for Mexico travel.

If you are asking yourself, ¨Would I be safe in Mexico?¨ Then you really want to watch this whole thing. We will talk about what happened to some people when they were buying drugs in Mexico. It did not end up very well.

So, if you are asking yourself, ¨Is living in Mexico safe?¨ or ¨Is life in Mexico safe?¨ or ¨Is Mexico safe to travel?¨ or ¨Is it safe to visit Mexico?¨ then this is the video that you want to see.


  1. I guess it doesn’t make any sense to make videos about how safe is Mexico anymore even though the whole world is getting more “dangerous”. On the other hand Americans being afraid about visiting/living/retiring in Mexico is kind of crazy they come from the USA! This year till June more than 300 hundred mass shootings, plus all the crime every day and everywhere across the USA. Just open the internet and you will see thousands of crimes happening everyday in the USA. Americans think they live in New Zealand.

  2. Hi, Bill. One thing you might have added to this video is the problem of shakedowns from the police. I think you've mentioned you've had to pay bribes before. You might even have a video on it already that you could link to this one. I think this is a common "crime" experience for expats in Mexico (unfortunately). Thank you for the video. 👍

  3. Thanks for another good video, Bill. I keep hoping that before you leave Ajijic, you will tour the Namaste Retreat Center founded for Course in Miracles study by James Twyman. Is it a place visitors to Ajijic can stay?

  4. Can the African merikans who move to Mexico still get their food stamps and welfare checks? I imagine the Section 8 won't transfer into Mexico but those other .gov checks do. What do you get, Bill? SSDI? Food stamps?

  5. Hi Bill…..great words, for sure! Sadly, every one of these stories could happen in one day in one US city. Your stories are things that folks would need to be aware of in any city in the world. Your tips are great!

    I am fortunate….having the build of a linebacker has probably greatly reduced the likelihood of people doing any shenanigans to me. But, I still generally do what you recommend.

    Safe travels!

  6. You need to use common sense no matter where you are, plenty of bad things happen in the U.S., if we want to compare news stories I believe ours is worse.

  7. Hi Bill: What was the name of that realtor in PV you knew that just suddenly disappeared ? The one who had an argument with the people on her block ?

  8. .When I lived in GDL (and dinosaurs roamed the earth haha), I generally felt pretty safe. This may seem odd to say given my close encounter with gunfire between Mexican police and a bunch of bad guys and a traffic incident in which an angry motorist pulled a pistol on our group. Of course, there was a red-light district in the city that you knew to stay away from, especially after dark but most places didn’t seem threatening. At that time I was 25 years old, 6 feet tall and weighed 175 lbs, so I suppose that some element of bravado and/or foolishness on my part probably influenced that opinion. 😂

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