Inside Mexico’s Warring Cartels and the Millions of People They’ve Displaced

For decades, the Mexican government has struggled to figure out what to do about warring cartels. And that’s led to a massive and mostly ignored crisis: Entire towns are being displaced by violence, leaving ghost towns behind.

The problem is so severe — and stubborn — that a recent study concluded that just between 2011 and 2017 as many as 8 million people were displaced within the country because of violence stemming from the constant battle for territory. But there are virtually no laws, programs, public policy or official government initiatives to help those displaced. And, because people flee their homes individually or in families — not in caravans — the problem has largely stayed out of the public eye.

Meanwhile, armed groups have been moving in, making many of the neighborhoods their own.

For the past year, VICE News’ Roberto Ferdman has been following the story of hundreds of displaced families, and the violent war that has destroyed their towns.

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  1. For the past year, VICE News' Roberto Ferdman has been following the story of hundreds of displaced families, and the violent war that has destroyed their towns.
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  2. US greed, feeds the monsters with weapons. Hopefully this terrible suffering stops one day…Sadly enough I don't belive it…😔

  3. Watching all this corruption we in US can't let this happen in our country. We are getting close to Mexico, it time fight or be a Slave.

  4. Hells Angels y Bloods planean erradicar la MS-13 para el verano de 2023. Debes salvar a tu pandilla boicoteando o matando a los Hells Angels Bloods locales y a los líderes de los capítulos lo antes posible. Piensan que los mexicanos somos demasiado estúpidos y débiles para entenderlo y prevenirlo. ¡Demuestra tu valía!

  5. por eso la jente de mejico es muy brava y valeinte por q son gerreros saludos a la rasa

  6. The other side of the coin where families die over cartels and they make songs out of them

  7. So it’s cartels vs so called armed vigilante community police who are also corrupt and end up becoming a cartel themselves ?

  8. There is no war on drugs or gun trafficking–The corrupt politicians promote it, invest in it and should be imprisoned and die for it!

  9. Not going to say who but someone in our u.s. government wanted to throw a bunch of missiles on cartel targets, but people that help with checks and balances said we cannot do that. There are people that want help those poor innocent people being caught up in the cross fire and are trying to figure out what to do with the cartel. If your the cartel its probably best to find something better to do.

  10. don't bullshit ur way out of this now, u have already taken everything away from me, including my real blood family, and that real trust, my brother really called me in minnesota and said he was suicidal knowing that now i would be in this postion, u know u have taken everything away from a person when u have the control to give him what he wants not when he wants, but when u want it. my comfort from my family comes when they feel it is necessary, my comfort from anything comes when other people say, that is taking away everything, by all means, be proud, just be proud. be proud, and keep going, u know it, cause u allow me to post, keep fuckin going, i am just a guidepost at this point, keep fuckin going.

  11. If democrats weren't behind the main funding of all this bullshit we could send in a few platoons of marines and drop some bombs and the cartels would be gone in a matter of a week or 2

  12. But Mexicans place a huge value being in the drug cartel. That is like superstar status to be in the drug cartel. Not sure what the problem is. This is what they want.

  13. I bet these families don't know what they kids were involved in. Only cartels to bother innocents are knights templar or los zetas that's why the other cartels don't like them. It's against the codes.

  14. It’s interesting to see how different cartels are from state to state, in my town people are often killed but never innocent bystanders, our local sicarios deal with crime and defend citizens better then any legal authority has, the real cops here are literal robbers, and they usually stop people while driving and threaten us with an arrest unless we pay a bribe, I’ve personally payed about 3,000 pesos (150USD) in bribes these past two years

  15. I love how Chava days the people with businesses “contribute” $$$ for the protection🤔 the truth is once you open your business the government charges you the fees then these types of people and the cartels will go charge you a “protection fee” which is non negotiable! You’re forced to pay a commission

  16. This is what happens when you have a anti-constitutions liberal gov. That hates the 2nd amendment.

  17. It makes one wonder if Mexico has simply become a lawless society and the small pockets of civility, beauty and peacefulness will simply fall into the same demise. Without serious support from other nations, there is no end in sight. Mexico has nothing that the US wants on paper…no oil or wheat, etc. As awful as the drug trade has been for USA, our govt sees it as a problem for people they already do not care about. The poor people of Mexico, the animals, the natural resources will all be devastated by this absolute insanity. One cartel made 19 billion in 2020. Imagine how much of that went to judges, politicians, and other govt corruption

  18. what's with these vice reporters making a buck off violent crime and misfortune?… I get ppl like to watch this cheese and all, but it's getting to the point where these mfkrs are making an apology by profiting off of it… and the worst part is they go see Presidente en las mañaneras to b!tch about "conditions"… what a bunch of hypocrites in vice…

  19. Let's be honest if Mexico was to be invaded who y'all relying on to help? Cartel or the Mexican army

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