Inside Mexico's Most Dangerous Hood 🇲🇽

The western media makes Mexico seem like a dangerous place, cartels running around freely and the people living in constant fear. Well I don’t know what their motives are but they are far from the truth. Today I’m taking you to Tepito, el barrio bravo of Mexico City. If you ask most locals in Mexico City they will beg you to not visit Tepito. They say you will get shot, robbed, or kidnapped. Sounds very dramatic if you ask me. I decided to go in Tepito, Mexico’s most dangerous hood to see what it’s really like. Join me as we walk through Tepito and meet the local residents living there.

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  1. Me encantó el señor que te vendió la camiseta , se veía muy amigable 😊 viva México 🇲🇽, aunque casi le comes la cara a lúpulo con la cámara Hahaha toda cerca, lo tenías acorralado😂

  2. guys the people say people are bad here ,but the guy on camera working at the stand im filming at in the mid day ,didnt charge me …….see how safe 🤯🤤

  3. Omg this looks like some part of Philippines, the store and the way how the store is arranged. Fascinating.

  4. Lmao “you guys have lots of good food restaurants have live music you can hear it in the background”
    Girl: yeah my uncle was a boxer
    ……what? Lmao

  5. I lived in Tijuana three years and I absolutely loved the people, the food, the culture, everything except my Spanish was pakito! Guajardo Negro 4Life!

  6. Went searching for information on mexico, and i found it, good to see it from a common man who knows and understands the people, not just a mainstream journalist

  7. There's always something Mexico everyone likes and that's the great creative food. I'm Mexican and there soooo many different Mexican dishes I've never tried. I grew up on real Mexican authentic food. It's different from Mexican restaurants. To truly know Mexican food you have to grow up with it. The culture.

  8. Why does the U.S. Media do that?, like horror movies, fear, sectionalism and exaggeration and one last think, diverting attainting from U.S. crime, gangs and nut cases in the U.S., that's why, like a movie, that's what sells and don't care who it effected, the U.S. has always been like that and lots of fools will buy

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