I'm moving back to Mexico.

Back to my old stomping ground 😉

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  1. I'm from Mexico and living in Paris, sometimes I want to return but for a weird reason I feel guilty. Guilty of leaving the effort of my parents and my own of studying in a foreign country, I'm always torn. Mexico es mi hogar, mi corazón.

  2. Nathanial drew and yes theory are my two favorite channels on youtube so when you guys made a few videos together it blew my mind. I would love to see you guys collab more because I love both of your channels so much!

  3. Thank you Nathaniel, for all the great videos you make and the effort, time and love that you invest in each video. The vlog idea sounds like a great idea, and I would be interested to see more snippets of your day to day life. I would also like to see more content on your travels abroad, the specific places you like the to visit and the day to day things that give you joy.

  4. If you're focusing spiritually then you ought to be more serious about looking into the reality of religion otherwise you're just another boring-shallow "spiritual but not religious" pop culture person. So-called knowledge from psychedelic drugs – for the long term – turns out not to be very substantive. You may not like to read this, but will probably appreciate & understand better in due time.

  5. ¡Bienvenido de nuevo a México, Nathaniel! ¡Qué emoción que regreses a mi querido país! Ojalá esta vez se me haga conocerte. Estaría padrísimo que pudieras organizar un evento para que tus admiradores te conozcamos en persona 🤗 Soy fotógrafa y creadora de contenido y he seguido tu canal desde hace un par de años. Tú has sido una gran inspiración para mí. ¡Gracias por compartir tu trayectoria y desarrollo personal con nosotros!

  6. Could you do a video on how you edit your main channel videos. You have a very clean and sharp way of editing, which I would love to learn how to do.

  7. Welcome back to Mexico. I hope that this time around, you give yourself the opportunity to get out more and not just work from sun up to sun down in your apartment. You have spoken how you love Paris because of all the museums, food, architecture and so on. Mexico City (CDMX) has all that. Only London has more museums than CDMX, food…what can I say, architecture, we have that covered also. There are also American content creators that have moved to Mexico. You should get in touch with them. We can give Paris a run for its money.

  8. I can't wait to go back to Mexico city after almost 3 years, when I lived as exchange student for a year, I totally get it out. This city is fascinating and it's so much easier to grasp everything around, all the energy that has this city is very inspiring. Have a good time back there.

  9. i am pretty sure you have an option to move in with someone (could be roommates could be a partner) or maybe even buy an apartment (but considering the prices in paris not likely) at some point in the spring and until then you have decided to save the money and instead of renting expensive airbnbs in paris you have decided to go back to mexico and live for tiny amount of money and go back to paris in spring. sounds like a good plan 🙂

  10. I would love to see anything and everything you wanna put out there. Your work is so inspirational, and I always take away atleast one thing from each of your videos! Do what makes your heart happy – we're here to watch your journey 🥰

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