How much money is a good salary in Mexico?

What is considered a good salary in Mexico? We asked people on the street to find out what they think is a good wage. We didn’t expect what they told us!

In this video, we’re looking at how much money different Mexican jobs pay and what a good salary in Mexico is. We’re in the city of Querétaro in central Mexico and we’re asking people on the street what they would consider a good wage and how much money you need to live well in Mexico. Is it possible to live comfortably on the average salary in Mexico?

If you are thinking about living in Mexico and working in Mexico, this video is for you. You can learn about salary ranges in Mexico and also about all of the benefits that Mexican jobs offer. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference all of these benefits make.

If you work in Mexico, let me know in the comments below what you think is a good wage where you live. Do you agree with the people in the video?

If you want to know more about the cost of living in Mexico, check out this video where I tell you all about my monthly expenses and explain how much money it costs to live in Mexico:

The minimum wage in Mexico is 141 pesos per day in the majority of the country, but how many people earn the minimum wage in Mexico?


Just over 10% of the Mexican population is listed as earning the minimum wage or less

The informal economy in Mexico

$38,000 or US$1,900 a month, you belong to the richest 1% of the country.



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  1. First off……. You ARE Beautiful!
    I’d like to see what is a good wage for Mexicans in Cabo is. As a gringo that goes there I’m paying American prices for most services and food/drink.

  2. Can you talk about the practice of age discrimination by employers in Mexico? It seems that, no matter how skilled and educated one may be, there is a lot of age discrimination that renders a lot of people unable to work and make a decent living, including family members of mine who live in Mexico City.

  3. For a single person to live in a modest home/apartment here in the bay area of California, one has to make about 60,000 to 70,000 dollars a year to be able to afford the rent, car, insurance, food, etc. I think that is about 1,200,000 pesos a year if I did the math right? Please correct me if I’m wrong. So people here are often stressed, overworked and burned out. People often learn to be creative, such as sharing apartment rents but the high cost of living eats away at the salaries.

  4. Great video. I’m about to leave a 22 year British military career. I will be 40 years old and leave having had a semi-successful career at the rank of staff sergeant. That will give me 31,500 Mexican pesos per month until I’m dead! So it looks like my pension alone will be enough to live there. To be fair, I did have to put up with the Army for 22 years though 😂

  5. $50,000 pesos is a good salary (imposible) you have to side hustle to get it but to live minimun $15,000 self livong and $30,000 with family, but people earn $1,500 weekly

  6. And Mexicans are such hard workers even though they get better benefits than in the US. Their salaries are lower but so is the cost of living so it all evens out.

  7. Ponganse a sacar cuentas cuanto vale una casa de clase media (2 a 5 millones), cuanto tendrias que pagar de mensualidad por una hipoteca, cuanto vale un auto de clase media (350 a 700 mil pesos) y todo lo demas un sueldo que alcance para eso es de un ingreso familiar de unos 80mil pesos al mes mas o menos

  8. Ambicionan muy poco por eso son conformistas para tener buen sueldo seria 15,000 mil por semana y eso se me hace muy poco.
    para vivir bien si 12 mil al mes a 15 mil si nos referimos a sostener una económia personal sin familia, sin deudas , sin gastos excesivos.

  9. INFONAVIT: kind of bad, considering interest rates are about 12-16% per year. This year, that changed for the less fortunate: people earning less than 500 USD per month, interest rates will be 2% (if I remember correctly)

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