How I Retired Early At 39 In Mexico City With $660,000

When Roshida Dowe was 39 she lost her job working as a consumer automotive finance lawyer in the California Bay Area. Instead of scrambling to find another job, she decided to take a year off to travel the world. Six months in, she was the happiest she had ever been and decided she was done with the workforce, so she decided to retire instead. With $660,000 saved up in investments and equity, it was just what she needed to start her FIRE journey and the next chapter of her life in Mexico City.

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How I Retired Early At 39 In Mexico City With $660,000


  1. I think the idea of retiring COMPLETELY from work at 65 is a WARPED IDEA. My dad retired at 75 yrs of age -FROM A BLUE COLLAR FACTORY JOB!!! He loved working. He had hobbies like his garden but when he finished going to work, he simply SLOWED DOWN.

    I can never see myself NOT WORKING till I am the same age – GOD WILLING!!!

  2. This is FIRE! Love to see women—and especially women of color—deliberately live their best lives!!

    I always say, "find interesting ways to get paid to play!"

  3. I am watching you from Queretaro, Mexico, where I have relocated, It is a beautiful, safe, and clean city in the middle of Mexico, and 3 hours from Chicago. I have a beautifully furnished apartment overlooking the entire city from my balcony and living room. My apartment includes all paid utilities and maid service. I have a driver also to shop for me. Not bad for a 79 years young retiree. USA became too expensive and deadly for me, so I called 1-800 Got Junk and had my entire two bedrooms emptied, and I did not have junk. They charge $800 per truck with 2 men, and I needed 4 and one half trucks with 10 men, and it took 6 and one half hours. I had lived there almost 24 years, and all they did was go up on everything, and only took care of the outside, except geese and dog droppings.YUCK!

    Please let go and let God always.

  4. I feel a lot of people are gonna miss her point on her working hard throughout her youth to achieve the success she has garnered. I see soo many young adults in their early to mid 20s just constantly complain about life and wanting an easy way out. Make something of yourself, get a good degree or go to a trade school, or be a good entrepreneur. But success is hard, im just getting there and Im now 26 and finally free of my college debt and my investments are going somewhere.

  5. Not a dreams come through, another set of people that can achieve this are people that invest in crypto currency because of the bull run we about to enter I will advice the Wise ones to pick up this opportunity and utilize it

  6. On my bucket list is visiting every single country in the world when I retire, so I intend to both retire early and make a ton of money, my goal is $4million, any ideas how and what stocks to get into to reach this goal by 55, I'm currently 32.

  7. It’s so sad how money hungry America is and doesn’t value time with family. We literally work all day & only have two days to spend with family if you find a job that lets you off

  8. it's funny how american r like "wow it's so hard, i could not buy jewelry, i was disciplined" but welcome to the life of 95% people on this planet: saving all the time OR dying of starvation…

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