Herrera's late winner lifts Mexico over Canada, 2-1, sets up US rematch | 2021 Gold Cup

Mexico topped Canada, 2-1, in the Gold Cup semifinals thanks to Héctor Herrera’s game-winning goal in 90+9′. The two teams fought multiple times during the match with things getting especially testy late. El Tri advances to take on the USMNT in a rematch of the 2019 Gold Cup Final.

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Herrera’s late winner lifts Mexico over Canada, 2-1, sets up US rematch | 2021 Gold Cup | FOX SOCCER

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  1. "Great, so Canada scored a goal by the 85th minute, no big deal. Moving along." – FOX Soccer editing department

  2. Now Mexican really wake up to recognize how the feeling of beating the end minutes of the match. You guys made Canadian felt so….

  3. anybody else think concacaf is finally growing up? looks like we have legitimate teams to send to wc 2022…usa, mexico and canada

  4. Mejico si gana la Copa oro dejando el calsonsillo en el serco ya ven a guien limino a Canada no es que eche menos al pais pero Canada en el fubol no es muy fuerte hasta hoy veo que esta Dando resultados años atras no a estado funcionando muy bien pero dejando el deporte a un lado Canada es el mejor de norte America en economia y buena diciplina son respetosos

  5. Mexicans bragging about the one sport their good at while we still make a gold cup final with little effort and no starters lol sooooo much talent yeah sure cause all they do is play futbol if the majority of our male athletes really wanted to we’d dominate the CONCACAF but there’s American football baseball hockey basketball USA honestly doesn’t care if we did you’d see the results besides the only Cup we care about winning is a World Cup which Mexico hasn’t won at all sooo shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Quick question IF TEAM A STARTER IN 1913 AND TEAM B in 1927. Who is older ? And if team B wins more than team A who passed who? And who felt behind ?

  7. 5:30 Canada’s player #22 goes around the crowd violently and got the chance to punch a Mexican player. Then realized is by himself and goes back behind the crowd . 🐓💨 🤣

  8. The arrogant fight enthrallingly observe because need additionly compete versus a premium surprise. tightfisted, puzzled ambulance

  9. Huh? No Canada goal, no clue why the last scuffle started, no context for the delay of game due to chanting….way too much “analysis “

  10. Whoever put together these highlights needs to be fired. Skipped like 40 minutes of gameplay, which includes a goal, then shows like 5 minutes of post game nonsense.

  11. Wanna see Canada's goal? womp womp Fox Soccer apparently cares about accuracy and fairness about as much as Fox News does

  12. Someone tell me what Osorio screamed at Pizarro during the last pushy argument. Lol basically le aventó la madre how we say in Mexico?

  13. Possibly the worst highlights I’ve ever seen. Failed to show Canada’s goal and Mexico’s second PK. This is why fox sports is a total joke

  14. My hats off for Canada, Mex,USA, needs to be worried that Canada has step up thier game!! No more Mex,& U.S being the top fogs in Concacaf.
    I'm Mexican n cheer Mex. But I also give credit where credit it due.
    Also 🙏R.I.P TO Jonathan and Geo Dos Santos Dad
    Prayers to Dos Santos Family in this difficult time for them.

  15. This was the worst match I’ve seen. They gave México WAY too much time and counted all their fouls while Canada didn’t even get 50% of their fouls counted

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